Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey ‘not dishonest’, hearing told http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-37342470This disgusting woman showing off EBOLA+’working’at Edinburgh Royal Morningside since 2014

Add photo of PM+ m-side R


Ths woman return from Africa 2014 exposing herself to MY family husband at Edinburgh Royal Morningside- exploiting our lives,money,time  and putting lives at risk

and showing off about being in Africa exposed/ebola tests-

when myself and husband trated like their slaves and stolen from harassed molested assaulted and other injustices last two years increasingly so exploited by the likes of this disgusting woman by her own people with their racial discrimination of myself and Gavin- showing these state ‘workers’ proving themsleves to be inferior lowlife- such people ought to be in prison- not those whom they viscimise, molest,steal from,abuse & bully….

We are NOT sacrifices for the likes of such ****rascists- we are not sick/ill – just that the judicial system and state rascism instutions work for its white people only and increasingly so- me nor mine not helping such **** me and MY family have a duty to take care /look after OURSELVES and also in self defence attack rascist state workers  -who have been trailing us and dishing out pain suffering & punishments to innocent ppl -in the name of justice-?! only their own people/workers+informants would fall for that one


Uk expects non-whites to support lowlives white ppl including stupid dumbs they usually tend to be, compared to other  ones even at primary school /academic system- while lying about who gets grades for what reason, leading to who gets the jobs and money- those same dumb ones- not surpring this country and other white countries a total mess-NOT helping those sort – get it – that is not MY job ha ha -that is a whites’ inferiority complex gone out of control

The UK shall sink into the sea in less than a1000 years due to climate change and yey good riddance to that dump- so stop teying to brainwash me all these years about how nice better than other places-countries this total dump is you rascists- that WILL NOT WASH-

while you greedy whites rascists *** off to India or Africa with OUR money – it is NOT cool

Me and mine out of  there UK-get it 🙂


(and also uk chauvinism with their junkie usu. inferiors whites males who we all know are not v good academically even – do not ask/request/ME nor MY family to ‘HELP’these retarded rascists(at our expense too?!-while these idiots whites just drink drugs and dirt…seriusly with their disgusting  parents support too they know who they are & they are d++d.) & get exploited by whites chavs or hurt by pigs/medcs-) -these above perpetrators are actual ppl-you would not believe it-perhaps this site ought to be called dirty greedy fat whites’ lies exposed) at least North Korea and china for instance NOT cover upashmed hush about its human rights records unlike dishonest UK+ (US) pointing its finger of lies  at others

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