Argument in coffee shop -statement and photos of police’ abuses upon my person

November 30th, this would never have happened had gavin been with me and not under unnecessary and forced treatment-human rights abuses and destruction of both our lives. Pigs were called picked me up hackney wick after argument at copper box cafe, staff annoying nuisance with their cleaning ‘right in my face;. i complained, finally after months of that sort of behaviour from cleaning staff in london, to the extent of when i was tanding at one point at a stall and they cleaned my feet, straftford in shops market, also cleaning under the table and my shoes, john lewis. so io complained and he went and got the manager or the manager came up after rearing, both black, manager lighter colour. he asked me to leave when was leaving already, he could see me packing my things, laptop. he was shouting at me and i said im making a compliant, then at his looks i spat on the cleaner’s face and ran off.
the manager cam after me all the way through the car par into hackney wick, i told some kids what was going on, then a woman manning an art exhibition, i tolfd her the story, she told me to run away too but the guy from the cafewas chasing me and had already taken my bag. the pigs turned up eventually and read methe riot act and was forced to go with them, was scared. told the woman so, what would they do do me?
At the station the fun started, the proceeded to strip my clothes in the cell, cut them off with a pair of sharp scissors and not genty either-leaving me in pain and covered in several bruises,and virtually sitting on me-
also bruises from the handcuffs. they said ‘you’ve lost your privileges’ and bent my arm this way and that and back up my shoulder and sat on me and bent my leg, arm and leg still sore two and half moths ( of the bruises)
This was abuse and molestation,that’s what it seemed and felt like, it was like they were sqeeing the life out of me and so much pain. and 24 hours without food nor water i thoguht they would starve me to death, and i didn;’t like the yway they were brandishing those scissors in front of my face, near my eyes-scary.
Then later on they attacked me again, proceeded to fingerprint me n their machine wheremy hand kept slipping,they bent my arm back and up, so painful and then kept telling me to realax, into the pain? can’t be done, there was a group of them, about 6 or seven males, one black guy who did not seem like a police officer. It was so painful and i was shouting at them to stop it was so sore, i even told them so but they continued.
Then after beating me up all night they got a two doctors to say i was mental and took me to Gardner Ward, they said the other party had dropped the charges, but thern lalter on at Rosebank ward i heard they had their own charges for which i was on bail. They have sent info about a bail meeting and then when asked to go through the solicitors, Tuckers, still keep phoning at the hsptl but we cant get throguh to them to reply

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