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Gavin get ME home sam Medstead lies attacks pigs on NHS and plus hackney, to Stoke Newington station to Hamerton Gardner Ward then Mile END Bancroft Road, limited phone little computer is gavin ok would like to get home asap our lives back and myself and gavin OUT of this he’ll authorities surveillance started Edinburgh plcs lies due to van insurance with GoSkippy not on their database allegedly in 2014 those who murder and rape and pillage in the west and UK get a better time of it than me and mine…..with their human trafficking taxi service….
In actual fact those pigs and nhs staff and their medics are the rapists pillaged attackers criminals as me and gavin are not on their side they attack us for NOT being criminals and happily married and in their attempts to destroy our lives and turn us away from ourselves and our lives we’ve worked so hard for, according to someone connected with m15 this is confirmed as see it being freemasonry corruption lies deceit rascists, there is a war on, nothing to do with me, Sam and gavin though, so ape goats by the angry mobs and their pigs plcs medics …..and their rich friends such as ma interested especially their whore the dirty old woman past it yah 70 year old granny…..pokeing her nose in where not wanted thieving dirty old bag….also we have connection with cia people on our trips s watch it mcintyre thieves and rascists pigs and medics do not mess with the khanmcintyres

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