F1442/16 Edinburgh Sheriff Court Defences Initial writ format


Edinburgh Sheriff Court


Initial writ format

To state that our marriage is retrievable and mediation possible

1-Pursuer and defender have had co-habitation and marital relations since September 2014 – actually Summer 2015.Innacurate information was sent via Pursuer’s solicitors Turcan Connell.

2-Pursuer in hospital on and off for two years therefore have not been allowed marital relations

3-Pursuer in hospital therefore not allowed contact ,including phone (very little) due to hospital staff, their policies and due to Mrs Rachel Anne May’s interference. (not good for any relationship)

4-Pursuer in mental hospital, over two years therefore not legally liable nor allowed to launch divorce procedures due to mental illness. Pressure from hospital staff and Mrs May to do so.

5-Defender information innacurate, lives on boat London, pursuer aware of this. Very brief hospital stay to sort out some issues, not having mental illness.

6-Defender and stated Next of Kin not compatible and little contact with pursuer, only send post via this address.

7-Marriage not irretrievable, reconciliation possible, perhaps family mediation (request).

8-Previus divorce forced on pursuer and defender in 2009 similar circumstances with interference of Mrs May and hospital staff ,not allowing pursuer and defender to communicate then also- Have been prior to pursuer’s hospitalization happily married (as friends and family can attest) and reconciliation possible.


Sam Khan-McIntyre

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