Subject: Please inform Rachel May- rascist bully to stop attacking me thru my solic-sent her nice message

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From: Sam Khan-McIntyre <>
Date: March 07, 2017 5:14:25 PM
To: Engineer <>,,Jackie McLaren <>,Andrew Biggart <>,Engineer <>,Idiots Friend <>
Subject: Please inform Rachel May- rascist bully to stop attacking me thru my solic-sent her nice message

Her over the top reaction to attack me for no reason as i sent her a nice message-Just because she has money to throw about and destry mine and gavin’s lives and she cannot even look after him the alcoholic and demented old lady she has no right to treat me like crap as well as gavin-noty just now but over the years at our house and flat and her house too-not in public you understand thouygh am sure she said things about us and leaving us out of everthing behing our backs also- with her about gavin has spent too much time in hospital she cannot dio anything for him and destrying ther rest of his life and the rest of my life because she thinks it’s all about her-
she’s not the one who is sick nor requesting divorce  but is acting like she is wanting attention for it – she is bullying gavin as usual it is upsetting him bulyying him into spending the rest of his life in hospital and upsetting him i wrote her a nice letter – to help gavin but she can’t understand she thinks its about her  she can’t let bygones be bygones because i wrote funny stuff about her on facebook two years ago-about her bullying and it was all true! that old alcoholic needs help she has demetia and can’t look after herself nor her own money never mind Gavin’s and i try to to help him and she sends me rude ridiculous rascist accusatory messages through my solicitor –
that woman needs to get the message about what is going on and not react in an over the top rascist manner-p.s she threw my stuff out two times from our flat, 5 years ago and last year can you tell her to stop stealing from me and gavin and refund our costs for our items she has no right to treat me and Gavin like **** for no reason- she is a rascist bully and you her sons are up her proverbial backside-it’s disgusting-she forced herself into our lives all those years ago and into our house only to bully us and now she’s still bullying gavin in hospital he gets upset after every visit of hers- and i have to pick up the pieces-now he thinks he cannot live without her so i have to be her friend but i cannot be friends with that fake old demented stupid rascist bat-gavin is forced to see her and not allowed to see me, he has no choice but to put up with her – he can marry rachel and spend the rest of his life in hospital as she would like yah-she won’t help him – i have seen that over the years
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From: Sam Khan-McIntyre <>
Date: March 06, 2017 4:40:04 PM
To: rachael may <>
Subject: Fwd: Hello,

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From: Sam Khan-McIntyre <>
Date: March 06, 2017 4:38:15 PM
To: “ May” <>
Subject: Hello,

Hope all is well with you Rachael,and your family, grandchildren are fine,
See your previous message to me below and i have your phone number i must find it- Before you read this message must say that don’t worry about those things i posted on Facebook it was years ago and supposed to be funny i was under a lot of stress and pain because of what was going on with Gavin
and was blaming eveyone-eg also upset/angry with friends- then i closed down my facebook- i think you are trying to help Gavin but i think as his mother there is only a limited amount you can do- and i as his carer for all those years have a different perspective and different relationship with him-and can help him in different ways-
and you’ve been good to us over the years i do appreciate that Rachael-
i ought to be there for him if hell let me, he’s not ready/capeable/ill and i was feeling thereatened by the staff before then i wan’t allowed because Gavin was running away- so he got iller then upset with me-this often happens to people in mental Heath treatment-and they can blame people around them including their partners- my sister said he ought to be alright with me once he’s better-i hope so)
i heard from Keith that Gavin is not doing well, i am worried,  sorry about that miserable about the situation as i think i can help Gavin if he’ll allow me to. i want the best outcome for Gavin and I also-see your message below
Previously in Edinburgh it was the staff didn’t allow me to see him/phone him due to his health,
and before that i was concerned about them threatening me, all their security procedures, which you mentioned to Keith also, as eg in Canadai got in trouble for being married to him when i went to visit in hospital theonly reason i got deported with him.
i am prepared to help him/visit/write/was his carer as prev-
what he’ll allow me to help him with and am prepared to comply with the authorities staff
e.g with their rules and help with his running away habit problems – as i have in the past because i can see Gavin getting from bad to worse on his own and he can’t cope on his own and is miserable
and he has no quality of life-
he is a lovely person and talented at art and woodwork and can make a life for himself but i think am worried/concerned that he would on his on spend all his time in treatment like
the last two years- otherwise he would have recovered from illness by now-
he was ill before because he want allowed to be with me and now because he’s angry with me for his being ill+in treatment etc-
i don’t think me not being around/divorce would make any difference to his well being and health in the long term (prob worse for him) -gavin wanted me and you to be friends and two years ago arranged a meeting where we were both to visit him, i travelled to Edinburgh but then may have been late and thought i saw you in your car driving away-don’t  know- i phoned the hospital and they said he was in a meeting- no information so i went home – maybe we could rearrange this where Gavin is when he’s feeling better/up to it/ I’ve been looking into Relate Counselling- as we havent talked and need to have understanding- from what you said to Keith i don’t think he’s ready to face the world
don’t worry even if i knew Gavin’s address i wouldn’t want to just turn up as i wouldn’t want to get in trouble with them ad can see he is upset with me and not ready/too ill/not in right state of mind to be friends with me – i miss him terribly it made me ill too-eg low immune system-and i know i can help him if he’ll let me/when he’s ready-he said to Keith he needed some time for this and wants to meet with me but not now- i am focusing on my arts career and indie publishing business- with my books gavin’s books abd editing other books and raising funding eg from arts council for projects- it is not easy as am on my own-it being both mine and Gavin’s business we also rented studio space in london- so are plans are put on hold and it was difficult for me to work as by myself for a long time but now friends and family helping me get back on my feet- i wasn’t myself for a long time-and even ended up in hstl briefly -angry upset with everyone-writing about you on facebook was funny but a lot of people upset me and i was angry and it wasn’t funny for  me nor them-not on facebook anymore don’t worry -Gavin gets ill and copes differently to me, but being in hospital made me realise and learn to be nice to people again, otherwise it went from bad to worse for me and those around me also
Rachael if you are in London perhaps we could meet for a coffee -please phone- it would be nice to catch up-
(it seems to me you’re on your’e own with Gavin and all this like i was feeling before-you would need help understanding same as me- i wouldn’t like to give up on him and his health-for the best outcome like you said,and if no-one was there for Gavin the outcome could be even worse)
all the best,
On Sep 22, 2014, at 12:24 PM, wrote:

Dear Sam,
    I gather you saw Gavin on Thursday. I talked to him today, he sounds much calmer. Hopefully, he will be home soon.
    My concern is, the state of the roof. Has the council been to see it? As it is a listed building, it cannot be altered without permission. I know, through your Lawyers, via M M & S, that the council will fix it. With winter coming on, it must be dealt with!! Can you contact them? It is not something Gavin can do. Likewise, your boiler, both need specialists.
    Please do not be angry with me. We both want the best outcome for you and Gavin.  Love,  Rachael.

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