Medical Abuses-Negligence & Alcoholism

31 Jan 2014- Herald Glasgow-Commission-Sam Khan – McIntyre

Collated media reports on medical incompetence and why this may be the case: High salaries leads to lifestyle culture of binge drinking and addictions, therefore leading to incompetencies at work, causing patient suffering and negligence.

Five news headlines from the last several months’ concerning the high pay of all medical staff:

‘The Number of doctors earning £100000 has quadrupled, report shows. ( ‎24 Jan. 2014);’

‘GPs’ £1500 for a shift in A&E. (3 Jan 2014);’

‘Scandal of doctors paid more to do less – Telegraph. (1 Jul 2013);’

‘Senior NHS doctors claim more than £150,000 overtime. (15 Sep 2013)’;

‘NHS doctors paid £150,000 for overtime (The Sunday Times. 15 Sept 2013)’;

‘NHS hospitals are paying up to £2000 a day for trainee doctors to do locum shifts as ‘ridiculous’ fees ‘spiral out of control’. ( 7 April 2013).

‘NHS spending on temporary locum doctors in A&E up 60%, says Labour ( 2014 jan 14)’

Compare these high salaries with the sample of 12 news headlines below, from only the past week (19 – 27 Jan Guardian) which indicate the extent of the uselessness of a damaging NHS, and the incompetency of doctors, despite which they are calling for a £10 top – up charge on patients for A&E visits:

‘A third of GPs believe making people pay up to £10 for some visits would slash the amount of people visiting with minor complaints’.

‘Doctors want to charge casualty patients £10 a visit to slash the rising number of non-urgent cases clogging up overstretched A&Es”. (Daily Mail 3 Jan 2014).

‘Patients deserve the truth: health screening can do more harm than good’;

‘Great Ormond Street patient receives payout after brain injected with glue;’

‘How long before a deaf person dies in hospital for want of an interpreter?’

‘Mental health care: where did all it go so wrong? NHS patients ‘should be more pushy to get drugs’;

‘Coroner: opportunities were lost in care of boy who died at Bristol hospital’.

‘Sean Turner inquest: parents call for independent inquiry into hospital’;

‘Public sector using gagging clauses and payoffs to hide failure, say MPs;’

‘Mental health patients deserve better, says Nick Clegg;’

‘Health chiefs express ‘deep regret’ over death of man after ambulance delay;’

‘Hospitals failing to record waiting times before treatment for more than half of all patients, according to NAO report’

In addition to these headlines highlighting incompetences, the five below add to these by indicating of doctors lack of confidentiality regarding health information:

‘Why your health secrets may no longer be safe with your GP’;

‘Why you should be angry about changes to NHS patient data policy’;

‘NHS patient data to be made available for sale competences, to drug and insurance firms’;

‘Benefits of NHS data sharing outweigh potential risks’;

‘Lack of debate on the sale of patient information’

So, if doctors are as incompetent as these reports suggest and cannot look after patients and their information is up for sale, going against their their confidentiality, data protection aspect of their job, and doing nothing about it, then why are they getting paid so much, and why do they want to increase A & E charges? As the evidence shows, this may be as a result of their reliance on getting high on drink and drugs & partying. This can require a lot of money, and they have the pay to do this, and this leads to their incompetences at work:

See the eight news headlines below from recent years which highlight NHS Medics’ binge drinking and alcoholism:

‘An Alcoholic Is Someone Who Drinks More Than His Doctor. ( 30 Aug 2013)’;

‘Special Investigation: Why ARE so many doctors addicted to drink or drugs? (18 Feb 2012 dailymail;’

Disturbing new research reveals that one in six doctors has been hooked. (17 Feb. 2012. Daily Mail)’;

‘The doctor battling drink and depression will see you now…( 4 Nov 2012 )’;

‘Should physicians be allowed to use alcohol while on call ..( 2005)’;

‘Intoxication ‘rife among doctors ( 13 Jun 2005 BBC news)’;

‘Why do doctors drink so much? ( 14 Jun 2005)’;

‘Many junior doctors misuse drugs and drink excessively ( 1998)’

The question is whether should the situation be any different for patients who get accused? The NHS plans to charge alcoholic patients would mean more pints for medical staff-How many extra pints would charging such patients an extra £10 per A&E visit buy for each medic?

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