Break-ins & thefts, including of post from marital home by Rachel May-Evidence letter from alumni office- acc, HMRC disruptions hurt abuse our marriage+NHS helping her

        • Your Alumni Association would like to keep in touch!
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      Edinburgh Napier University Alumni

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Edinburgh Napier University


Your Alumni Association would like to keep in touch
Dear Sam,

I’m getting in touch because we recently tried to send a mailing to your address atEH41 3JS,  which was returned to us by Royal Mail.

As a registered alumni member you can update your preferred mailing address online in our secure alumni members area.  Your unique User ID is: 40070760.   Could we also ask you to update your preferred contact method?

Why update your contact preferences?

Data protection legislation is changing.  From April 2018, organisations will only be able to connect with you if you have opted-in to receive information.

We are working hard, now, to ensure that all our alumni hear about the great events and other benefits that staying connected with the University can provide.

If you do not want to provide an updated address, please still update your preferred contact method on our website by entering your reference number (124375) and then selecting the methods you are happy for us to use to contact you by clicking here.

We don’t want you to miss out on any more exciting news or events from your university.

To find out more about the Alumni Association and the opportunities you can get involved with, please contact us at or visit

Keep in touch, stay connected.

Best wishes,

Leigh Dilks

Head of Alumni & External Relations

Edinburgh Napier University
Sighthill Campus
Sighthill Court
EH11 4BN
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