NHS negligence:Letter To Dr Reid, husband’s medic on his theif+rascist+controlling mother

From: Sam Khan-McIntyre <samkhanmcintyre@me.com>

Date: March 17, 2017 12:55:34 PM

Dear Dr Reid,

Please find enclosed information on Relate counselling, wit the assisstance of my lawyer, to  pass ths to my husband, patient Gavin Khan – McIntyre. As well as his wife I have been his carer for several years and we’ve been happillymarried for over five years, we also work in business together – making furniture in arts.

S10) of some of the things Rachel has been doing against me to keep gavin and I apart-THE LATEST BEING THEFTS OF 12,000 from our funds allegedly to pay for wbite paint for flat when already newly decorated, more probably for Rory McInthre’s wedding, 12) also thefts from Gavin’s paintings sold for her spoiled Rory’s flat-all these actions of hers same as in 2009 when we were on holiday eg she br

I kept him well and out of hospital for those years-complying with treatment since 2009 & in 2014 he was given the all clear and discharged from outpatient appointments/treatment as he was doing well.Dr Ferguson changed his medication with a view to coming off it, however this left Gavin with detox problems as Clozapine being a heavy drug to come off easily so he got a bit unwell.

His mother Rachel Anne Watherstone McIntyre May found out from other family that he wasn’t sleeping very well and temporarily an inpatient in Edinburgh decided to visit him in hospital, he got very upset from her bullyingand attacks on me and our marriage, which has been continous towards for the past two years and racially motivated. tsame accusations and attacks from her as in 2009 from which myself and Gavin had recovered.

Rachel  has caused major disruptions- all the same as the things she did in 2009 to keep us apart and to force Gavin to eventually divorce me then-a result of which he got  ill and then in a hostel-when we got back together we were both warned by Gavin’s Doctor at Ailsa in Ayr to be careful with regards to Rachel and also the McIntyres (you might see this in his notes)  as she was watching us to cause prblems and to keep her away-

Over the next five years this proved impossible as she would demand to visit and come round whenever she wanted and say nasty things to hurt our feelings & keep us waiting for hours-among other things she would bribe Gavin and ask us to her house-when it was convenient in relation to other family or friends making us feel left out+ insignificant-(a form of bullying).

One time in 2014 though were were working but constantly harassed by her us to go to a New Year event at her house and she got other family to repeatedly harass us although we’d politely told her we had other plans. This has been a reason for her subsequest atacks on our relationship.

I am not sure why she refuses to understand when we are at work or have other plans,

she feels we must be available for her whenever she likes-and discriminates against us and attacks our marriage  because of us both having been unwell in the past-(as well as her rascism).

As a result of us not going to her event in 2014 she continued to harass Gavin even offering him money for his frienship and not allowing him to work or live a normal life without illness-

Since he’s been in hospital she’s going behind his back to attack me and tell lies about me to him to the hospital staff and our friends, she has caused me much pain suffering also illness leading to bronchitis eg as she got my bank account and funds stopped-no money, cold and no food- also same in the trust fund flat /our marital home became uninhabitable, more so with Gavin in hospital. Rachael as ‘trusee’ refused to do repairs and I got sick from the cold and had to leave Edinburgh. (We had planned to leave before Gavin got ill).I got us a place /job/+GP as per Dr Ferguson request-for Gavin and myself in London.However when Gavin moved to London he got picked up by the police 2014+2015 as the Edinburgh hospital staff sent them on behalf of Rachel.

Please listen and take int account what I have to say Dr Reid-Rachel  is attacking us-her actions leaving Gavin vulneralve and unsafe-Although I have been keeping him safe Rachael is lying to Gavin about me-competing with me for his friendship though she is abusing him for it and she is ignoring our married human rights as husband and wife.. She refuses to let him see me nor phone now write, allow the hospital to let me see him- I am hoping you could allow me to visit him, I can come up from London.

Here is a list of some of the things Rachel has been doing against me to keep gavin and I apart-all these actions of hers same as in 2009 when we were on holiday eg she broke into our flat and took everything: laptops, jewellery clothes, books, furniture etc and then upon our return abused me to Gavin for having no money when she stole it all behind my back- and also all the money I had for our trip to Canada as well as the loss of thousands of pounds in tuition fess as I was on a journalisn course (I am a freelance journalist) but had to look after Gavin instead-

He had got ill due to Rachel’s attacks via email and phone when we were abroad 2009).I had to spend my own money+Gavin’s  on lawyers and meds for Gavin + take care of him-he got well-however she arranged for us to be deported to Scotland and sent him to hospital where she proceeded to ask him for his will and not to contact me and to divorce me-Gavin got very ill doing what she asked but recovered in all the years of us living together + remarried-Rachael is doing the same again and I am concerned about his health-as in 200 when Rachel made him divorce me he jumped into the sea off a ferry as he was alone and miserable.I would not like him to be ill but Racheal didn’t help him then and she won’t now. I do not know why-one of our friends knows her he said she is cruel and perhaps not his actual mother.

Bullet points of Rachels attacks on our marriage, finaces and breakins & thefts from our house-

1) She has been telling terrible lies  about me behind my back to Gavin, other  family the hospital to turn them against me. same as in 2010 with some members of tyhe family even making rascist comments for no reason.

2) She has been breaking and entering and stealing everything of mine & valuable from our flat-also in 2010 when gavin and I were abroad on holiday-including laptop, books, clothes, jewellery, artwork etc

3) Thefts and reading of my post for a year from our flat without my permission and instead of sending  or emailing it to me she has caused wilful disruption to me by returing it to sender though she has no right to do this as it’s our marital home.

4)She has been stealing form my bank accout by asking her son james to go with gavin to spy on my account-illegally then make hurtful bullying comments to me.She constantly accuses me of being poor-very hurtful -when she has dirteclty and indirectly stolen thousands of pounds of my money through her irresponsible actions-also causing finacial loss to Gavin’s funds which she is incapeaple of looking after-she is not allowed to look after her own funds never minds Gavin’s trust funds which was due to be returned to him at 24 but she refuses and spends it on herself for treatment.

5)She got me removed from my bank accout last year because joing accout with gavin in her aims to split us up- this was payments from HMRC tax credits as me and Gavin work-she refuses to allow gavin to return to work at our studio workshop or home,(as me and gavin plan for him to recover) instead she forces him to take her money and benefts -so by closing my accout she left me with no food nor heating and I got very ill physically-this was fraud as she would take my money on her behalf.

5)She stopped any HMRC tax credits to me from being paid, even after she cloes my bank accout she told HMRC to stop my payments leaving me with nothing to live on-yes it was a joint claim-Gavin and I have no plans to split up thinking he will come home when he’s better-Rachel has other plans for Gavin ie keeping him in hospital for no reason-in Ayr hospital Ailsa when Gavin was discharged and well she told them to keep him is on several occasions. Rachel will not allow him to recover and live as normal in the community with his wife and a job as me and Gavin have been.

6) She forced him to make a will, also in 2009 just prior to asking him to divorce me. the will was for him to leave everything to her other children, despite me not being interested in his money she was attacking me,lying to Gavin about this-I have a job-frrelance-MA (hons)english and Journalism MA  she’s made my life so stressful+traumatic am finding it difficult to work-Rachel does not have a job she does not understand me and Gavin have to go to work-she can spend the rest of her life visiting gavin hospital but i would like Gavin better, at home  and at work when he’s recovered.Gavin is not allowed to live with rachel her partner does not like it-therefore Gavin would have no quality of life – Rachel put him in a homeless hostel in 2009 and would do so again, he was left with no friends nor family and she visited once a month and no other visitors-

She and her son James were not happy that we’d got together despite him getting well and in the community and work for years with me-I do not understand Rachel’s attitude-she is a rascist woman that is her culture. She is not educated either having left school at 16 and therefore does not understand people outside of her own sphere.

7) I am concerned about her as when in the previous 5 years  with me caring for Gavin and with him being well she seemed on the face of it friendly to me although she did bully me also as well as Gavin. All her visits upset him  due to her attitude. However with Gavin in hospital the past two years she has refused to be friendly to me any more- though I send her a nice letter but she told me not to contact her so I don’t.

since 2010 Gavin and I ignored her bullying and insults to be friends with her-but since he got sick two years ago her behaviour towards me has totally changed and she is not friendly at all, just attacking my property, account, maill, stealing what she can from me including getting our facebook account closed down, for instance-

I may have written about her on  FB but it was  not lies-she ought to aplogise to me not attack me and my familyfor all these years. I know from her history that she has a rascist attitude  and though I have done nothing to provoke her Rachel’s behaviour is out of control and hurting me casing trauma. I would like her to stop attacking and threatening me (EG threatening me with police for no reason whatsoever a year ago when I have had nothing to do with her and no contact with her for the two years Gavin has been ill because I know her attitudes.

Rachael is an alcoholic, Gavin and I have caught her drinking in secret, and being nearly 70, suffering from the onset of dementia-she is confused as to her role as she is not Gavin’s wife but acting like it.

 1)-Please could you assess her in your capacity as psychiatrist in the event of the things have talked about in this letter as she is prone to harming others.I do not know if she she harms herself (but she does seem have an eating disorder and it seems her partner bullies her as she had bruises on her face at one point).

2) I would like to visit Gavin-please let me know when this could be possible

I would like to arrange Relate counselling when  is ready to communicate-please forward the relate paperwork to him


Sam Khan-McIntyre. 07851711007.worzel360@gmail.com

Please get in touch regards these points and if you have any questions.

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