Invoice 2+3 Canada-Rechy Anne Watherstone Macintyre May+family via A.Biggart MMS LLP- 1m e

January 20, 2016 at 8:34
Photos Eachwick Hall, The Rechy’s pile, in trust & owned by Chales May’s previous wife who committed suicide-the type of people they are, Gavin safe at home away from them
With regards to sam and gavin’s independence and livlihoods and lives –
violations of human rights by ‘authorities’ rascists-exploiting sam and gavin also ‘mcintyres’ and Rechy

Subject: Invoice 3 +£1m – thefts ‘mcintyres’ rascists chauvinistsLIARS-REFUNDS&EXPENSES to Sam&Gavin sap

1) Box of truffles, Rory McIntyre 2012
2) Inept+incompetent delivery of household items by rascist gordon-b/c Rechy’not paid him enough’therefore loss/thefts of some of our items
3)Refusal/harassment of said Gordon to accept we’re too busy for boat trip (usually at behest of r.r/ rascist rachel as with anything to do w. sam & gavin) with his current fling so focusing the issue for 3 years since-even with gavin in hospital 3rd time and the brother’s party fling 2nd time: causing trouble for us and hurting us- boat trip Ireland rascist chauvinist gordon hurt gavin 2009 because neglected/abandoned him-
stalkers and harassments-
(same as R.R at e.g new year ‘party 2013- refusal to accept we have our plans already- are not their ‘slaves’ resulting in R.R and rory and jamie constant harassments then also-causing trouble/hurting us-attempts to make G ‘ill’ and hurt R relationship these rascists wasters & trash druggies/frauds&criminal demeaning and detrimental & disrespectful -see invoice 2)
4) Journalism Scotland book- written by Sam Khan-McIntyre-
copy with Rechy- 2014- please return asap!
5) Tosey and Banta childrens’ book – written by Gavin Khan-McIntyre-
copy with Rechy-(theft) 2014-not paid for- please return asap
7) Three  wooden mini chests with pretty knobs – woodwork  by Gavin and sam  Khan- McIbntyre-
copy with R.R-(theft/under false pretences&lies) 2014- please return asap
8) Mince pies & several cups of half-finished tea-James ‘Mcintyre’ 2010-12
  9) Cake & several cups of half-finished tea-2013 James ‘Mcintyre’ Fergus ‘Mcintyre’ Bobby ‘McIntyre Gemma ‘ McIntyre & children Lola Bobby and the twins
10-Thefts by pigs London and Scotland of three expensive professional cameras of sam and Gavin due to /on behalf of Rechy causing trouble and not allowing Gavn to live where he wants with his wife-attacks by thief rascists due to ‘treamnent’ lies & abuses when he did not require hospital forced treatemnts, medications and Rechy breathing down his neck- but to get back to work and to pull his socks up- disrespect of our work, family life and human rights abuses (see previos invoice her own thefts of two laptops at least- 2019+2014 + things from our property even keys- her demands bullying and thefts of our money and spending it onherself under treatment auspices!! 2014 abuses over phone and time harassments stalkings
11) Rechy-hurting our pet cat-saying mean things abouther for no reason- harassments abuses and lies auspices of treatment’ Racist rachel is SICK & DISGUSTING- Rechy causing loss of cat and she had no right to treat us the way she has, also ill treatment of her own dogs.
12) ditto our vehicle, van and the mini car
13- ditto our previous vehicle and abuses from Fergus harassments of Sam regarding this- leading to loss of vehicle -Fergus causing problems on behalf of rascist Rachel continous/ongoing abuses eg n our joint account, on our boat, anything of value that is our not his, including Gavin’s trust fund which does not belong to him but to us as were are married-since 2009 gavin request for funds for his studies-leading to hurting us- if Fergus wants to administer and waste Gavins and my money then he should pay for it himself-lawyers areexpensive as he says himeself-no permission from Gavin-forced possible consent under duress years ago before we met and revoked by Gavin several times before and since we met and Gavin asking Sam to help him with this!-and does not count-same as for forced divorce foisted upon Gavin so he Rechy can take his money nd accss to my husband whenever she likes whether him and i biung busy or not!
Therefore causing ‘illness’ , starting with R,.R previously hurting us in the Hospital/Ailsa with help of Calder and Ayriku ongoing attacks on our friendship, relatioship and marriage with help of ‘NHS staff and pigs’ to steal from us money and property OUR FREEDOMS! and human rights abuses with auspices of treatment LIES- gavin nor sam never hurt anybody- no intentions of such nor hurting  themselves either- despite bullying and provocations and abuses by ‘mcintyres’ and ‘authorities’
in 2009 Gavin and Sam emigrated due to such racial persecutions and got kidnapped to Scotland due to Rechy and her ‘friends’ at NHS and plcs Scotland-and HER THEFTS kelpto – 2009 (2014- she got pigs to do her thefts-and everthing form our flat 2015- that old woman has no shame-and then she’ll attack an abuse me for having no money-when she stole it from me and Gavin,everthing we built up and worked for-we work we as do not want to be dependent on her peanuts! nor end up bored troublesome nuisance like her!
Indicating form of harassment of S and G then she broke into our flat herslef to have a nosey-(despite being requested not to by s and g-without permission )- thief of keys from ‘staff of our items from our flat then bullying us and ridiculous complaints by her of our property and MESS- not housewives like that old greedy woman-we have WORK/jobs and friends unlike her bored and drunk at home all day hatching her plots to destroy our lives (also her other son’s marriages as they tell us eg James) as she has no friends-not that we’ve ever met all these yeas-thefts and abuses- gavin well gavin and sam working- human rights abuses by Rechy and her ‘friends’at the NHS mental Hell units- treatment for Gavin on behalf of herself, by proxy-
Treatment lies-auspices to steal everthing from us-r livelihhod and r relations did in 2009-10 with nhs and pigs and our funds at MMS Law fim- (a, biggart, mclaren0and nhs staff encouragingppl to hurt themselves- suicides, affairs thefts  by staff/ stalkings…. refusal to put calls through even and staff slam down phone when discharge request from sam for Gavin and then only allow his abuse c ‘mcintyres’ and R.R to talk to him and hurt  sam and gavin through this  – because gavin well and sdam well  and other such harrassments/ human rights abuses abuses contant derogatory behaviour from Rechy and staff- before discharge ppl
Bribes by her + & her constant accusatory/bullying&threatenening harassining greedy snidy hurtful+rascist chavinist comments to us….horrible old creep -attempting to take credit false after hurting us- Rechy has never ‘looked after’ gavin in any way….despite her attitudes-appeareance and lies  only hurting him in private in hospital and sam also since marriage-driving Sam crazy as well as her own son/stepson Gavin-since their courtship-and emigration to canada also-  Rechy lies
14) Ditto James McIntyre regarding our house a/property harassments continous disrespectful of us , lives and marriage-continonus and ongoing-Rechy’s sons up her proverbial even though upset she hurts their wives-trapped by her-they wouldn’t want to get locked up by her would they?
15)- 1 chicken and 1 fish meal R,R 2010
 16) 2 bunches flowers- Rechy at Eachwich 2012-drinks in secret so no wine offered!
17) 1 bag of fruit Rechy Bulgaria 2012
18- Canada trip INVOICE-Which gavin and sam paid for themselves 2009 – 6 months to emigrate- ‘wrecked’ by rechy and her team of homewrekcers/rascist helpers-auspices of ‘treatment pigs and the nhs theives
 19) Payments for delays stalkings and harassments to our trip to france/ ourc work /jobs/ friendships and OUR PLANS life due to R.R and her above ‘teams of ‘homewreckers’ human rights abuses and her waster criminanal and drugiie ‘son’ and mms ‘law firm’ frauds bullies and disrespecful, rascists and derogatrory human rights abuses under false ‘treatment’ auspices
20-Rory- house plant (alongside aforementioned truffles) ‘housewarming’ in pizza restaurant where city boy cannot afford pizza again die to having spent the previous night high on cocaine or somesuch rubbish excuses/lies ‘ca’t afford it ‘ usual excuse aka rechy- 2013
 21- Aforementtioned trip to pixzza place on behalf of rory-9and fergus and jules no doubt egged on/TOLD to  by R.R as usual- auspices to sell our paintings/expect /demand our support and no return for sam and gavin from these- also pushed by Fergus (and jules0 for months previously- because he caasnopt afford school for bobby- state school bore/ moving house to ‘nice’ area been ongoing for years…. Resulting  and ongoing thefts from gavin and sam, aslo bullyings/abuses/threats….
22) Cake – bobby+pixzza f and J – bobbygot a banana because fergus and jules must have thought our luch – pizza as ‘requested’ by bobby  must have poisoned or something- jues and fergus paranoids and rascists snobs…2012 summer= refusal by jules to allow gavin to have pizza,plenty-slice picnic on the beach -for bobby
23) INVOICING FOR PATRONISING + HYPOCRITIAL attitudes and behavoiurs from ‘MCINTYRES’ rascist and belittling in twerms of harassments in regardss as to what to TELL US to spend OUR money on!!
while these **** (JAMES< RASCIST RACHEL+FERGUS AND THEIIR PARTNERS AND MMS?A>BIGGART AND SUCH) get in debnt/drink and drugs abuses and criminals/fraudsters- bettling and patronising of sam and gavin!! We have not reached the age of 30 and been told what to spend OUR money on at ALL- !! so these rascists have no right to abuse human rights and freedoms -auspices of ‘illnerss- when we’re happily married and have jobs- lies in terms of money to be returned to gavin when he’s working-
Gavin’s been working since 2009 and so has sam-causing problems-McIntyre rascists CONTROL and paranoia issues+THEFTS- to hurt sam and GAVIN ongoing….(illness and treatment lies seem to be a blanket for everything from such ppl who have themselves admitted thier mental shortcomings (as well as Rechy’s-Fergus 2012)and sam and gavin have seen them in such situations- hypocrites- sam and gavin do no owe them anything / have no credit for thems: so so stop abusing and stealing from sam and gavin- scots are widely known for  their rascist attitudes  including to the English and to non-whites, like Sam
24) ‘Treatment’ lies and auspices hurting sam and gavin since summer 2014- due to the above denuila of s and g’s human rights and refusals to hand over funds as stated/orgasnised- ‘McIntyres’ and Rechy’s control issues and rascist abuses- gavin in hstpl NO reason-waste of sam and gavin’s time and money and loss of work time, stress, causing physical illness/work/jobs/situations- false auspices of treatment lies and ongoing thefts by ‘McIntyres’ with ‘help’  and abuses of rascists  and chauvinistic scots ‘authorities’ (chavs/plcs and nhs wasters ‘staff’ thieves and their constant harassments over the years and ongoing until they get stopped-the way their staff behave you would think they are the patents, eg physical attacks on patients with restraint as a lying excuse-also stress vout visitors eg sam with their useless rules  and demands- the patients being lovely in comparison to he staff-in addition  the nhs staff are strangers, who are never likely to love anyone as one’s own family, Gavin and his own wife-by definition Rechy and the McIntyres no longer his family as he has his own family being married-Rechy does not have the rights his wife has, but she is stealing them behind Sam’s back-including next of kin and named person -which his wife is to safeguard his interests-for no reason except targeting ppl of colour under auspices of terrorism and hurting and provoking them-for our £ and our time!!
25) Invoicing for  Violations of sam and gavin’s LIVELIHOODS  and INDEPENDENCE- by ‘MCINTYRES and MMS with their rascists harassments and pigs and ‘nhs theives’  we are not animals/ dogs to be kicked around and locked up for no reason- we have work and friends and such-
a)-We do not require FORCED  charities in terms of benefits- b) nor ‘trust’ funds ‘ no reliable no rechy”s forced and dirty  money, possibly foisted on Gavin to avoid tax+ and with Rechy has been theiving/criminal/ fraud activities+tax avoidances with help of James ‘McIntyre and Charles May+mms+brewin dolphin-sam and gavin are finacially and in other ways independent of these ppl so stop stealing our lives and sam and gavin have  our self respect – so please stop violating our human rights!
26) Other invoicings to be added at a later date
(No subject)

Invoice  3

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