Academia: thefts : Glasgow University staff of our property strage and accomation! and funds onfalse pretences+attacks for fees-when THEIR job to organise these-also female’ harassments by lecherous lecturers: NOTORIOUS-Some of them nearly 100 years old+asleep at the lectern

Dont these maily GUYS get paid!!

we are made to pay fees, accomodstion, books, all sorts….

(SEE Pantotakis, latin)

Accomodation -vet school staff thefts

west end overt rascists street- me and J….

amnsty- treating white better- even when They late- not us-

also VSO and ents soc, trweating us like **** if ‘late’ theyt get applause late ok/promotion on front of non whites: abuses nazis eg d chandler s harassments ongoing since 2000 – we get abused by pigs and NHS for them, and R davisdon unfair treatment of said white male – favour this late moron, not us non white – causing us probs then gegging us for moeny only!!

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