Ban the Bon – Desease at Tullet Prebon (TB), Impoverished Druggies+Entertainment Bores, Cant Afford Own Pizza Bills+Stay in Bedsits-Oil brokers or just theiving retards?

Ban the Bon – Desease at Tullet Prebon (TB), Impoverished Druggies+Entertainment Bores, Cant Afford Own Pizza Bills+Stay in Bedsits-Oil brokers or theiving retards?

Ewan and Rory McIntyre to be investigated and our funds returned+apologiuse for their lies about my husband being ill, after their abuses, and even at Ewan’s wedding + Rory rascsist comments- excuse to not invite us (2010) as they got us deported from Canada and then wreck kur marriage foir our property and funds- illness excuse for their thefts + crimina activities, their bribes to police+ nhs staff+ for their slutty alcy, klepto + bully rascist ‘mummy’ also bribes to journalists eg Ayrshire Post cover up her drunk- her + McIntyre’s ought to be in prison if there was any justice system in the UK.
Gavin+Sam Khan- McIntyre married in Canada+emigrated, only to have our lives destroyed+ funds and property stolen by the above employees their abusive theiving+slut rascist mother+brothers Fergus,James+Gordon,their rascist comments+false accusations of ‘illness’?!Ewan+ Rory getting married with r money- difficult for us to even get wages or sakarybpaid up but this was inheritance when parent died they even took that and our bithday s always attacks including 30th birthday spent in cells ells, 3 months Belfast +stop and search at Harbour when Gavin uilkegally deported from Nnorthern Ireland- outside of UK jurisdiction+ me also physically attacked bynhgs staff at visit my bag stolen+his passport in itb
If their clingon controlling filthy klepto of a monster of a ‘mummy’ ( see sketch from Little Britan, with breastfead grown up boys-disgusting)PLCs+ NHS helping her,racially attacking us, + expoiting drugs\ treatmernt fir our money, persecuted because Gavin and I got away+even emigrated to Canada then France) can use the excuse\ lie that theory at not fascist due to Ewans wife being half Japanese but a horrible bitchy thing, then no excuse to destroy our lives so they can steal our fundss to get married, and wreck our marriage each time they ewant anything and even bully us for eg previous boiat ( Fergus 203) and steal everything from our flat when we were abroad 2009 also last year our bank account, payments to our account, refuse to let nhgs staff allow us to communicate, tell pgs about us to abuse harass us, steal our funds inherited through illegal unregistered mms, llp, + their colleages at Barclkays Stockbrokers disrupt studies+ livelkihiod causing us to lose\ steal thousands then abusing us four being poor do get authorities then attempts to get us benefits which we don’t want then treat us like #### for being on benefits- we got back on our feet and working ng, it took five yes and even medics said no health issues until the McIntyre’s with their filthy ‘ mummy’ attacking us all over agais sok her sploit ‘ rory to get married to so e girl who he seems to hate and seems to hate him godawful we are sick of hearing g McIntyre’s problems over the yes they abuse uscwith their dirty laundry and then when we’ve had enough if them very PLC and NHS invi?lived Gavin in treatment unnecessary three yes staff treat mne like ###$ refuse to let us even communicate and he’s on too much meds totally unrequited abiuses iun secret in the hospital also me in London three months police attackd and nhs attacjs pghysical and mnental harassment, secretivre, nov- Feb onhgoung till April- been advised to get away trying too get Gavin home these 3 yrs worse and worse for us- if we die to cover up their abuses and attacks we have triuec to get legal help but just exploited by therm e.g tuckjers solicitors London and previously Matrix Law London p.Venables and his colleague Glasgow Livingstone Brown, drain uys of our time and energy tell uys were OK, not sick, we know that already but then refuse to help, same with ohcr hu!man rights organisation, advise us to go abroad, we had a lot of money but they did not help USPS while Mooney went on pkd and NHS due to abuses egg fix ouyr flat door and iutems for Gavin in hoispiutal and trips home but kidnapped even when discharged, and physically abuses us both, saw them, if we due it would be by them to cover upo their secretive abuses as we have been happily married all these yes.we have known ppl due in these situations and their abuses\ attaks, by ignorants-over the yes who have been well and happy,

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