Ban the Bonnie Mullet at Tullet-also pic of the RCHY RECH – UGH:) third from left

Ban the Bonnie Mullet at Tullet Prebon
Speec impediments and verbal diarrhoea gulle problems and issues with electronic transfer / paypal
And bad 80s hairstyles , not to mention the alleged mullet on chest problerm as witnessed on some strange bizzare facebook photos ahem-
the mummy cutting their had as well a breastfeeding Rory and Was McIntyre’s in Little Britain style, when thes ppl cnjot afford their own pizzas and stay in bedsits with their mummy always complaining they her Rory has no money and him complaining too vulgar and disgusting, wantbus to fok out it seems font think so typical fascists with fascists comments – if they can say ‘ paki go home’ or something similar to those like ME who are not even actually Pakistan then we can tell these ethnic Scots to ‘go home’ strange bizzare folk- at least so called paks have a home to go to, uno me the McIntyres who lost their land, got thrown out like a hundred years ago from Glendoe for notbeing able to afort their rent\ taxes rased increased from one sheep to two sheep…. Right, and you know they got their name as the story goes from an ancestor who stuck his thumb n n a hole in about for a king James ?on as sea voyage, Therefore it means kin of being enter, these wierdos are still desperado nobs. It must be genetic, not to mention their mothers side of cannibal highway robbers and ‘gentleman’ pirates, how would you even get gentkemasn pirates is beyond any terms of definition, in not English anyway, they are Scots after all with their own language.
and the other mor controversial story being to do with a murder alleged. Anyway these junkies cannot bafford to buy it back all these years later, see their brother Gordon sick all bthe time on llehgal and ileegeal drugs stuck to his mummy, she won’t bhear a bad word word about her whore ‘son’ donypt think hev will last long hat one, she was trying to stick my hus and with him, its not ourcsult hes a si k and rascist too, he went to some posh school for retards, dunno,
anway this pice of ancestral land owned by a jnkie friend of gavins from school whose wifey got disabled physically and ( and yr in hyospital dix not seem to help her )he ended p in the papers revenly fot beoi v pcked up by thr locals and police in fife for cocaine abpnd firearms offences anyway his mansion in Fife dod not get raided continually robber by thrm they did d ot get vctimised and traumartisdc for the last three years nor lacked up and neither of them virtually tap d abused and attacked by he NHS stalkers their pigs and NHS Mr Herriot Maitland parents would and did bail him out unlike the Rechy band McIntyre’s morons, M trying but gpdifficult when his stupid ma and idiotivc brothers work g at cross purposes- any decent people would help so done out of such a situation as Gavin is in not hurt him and Hui’s wfe andour happy marriage for years as and keep Gavin. Illegally in trsetnrt and steal from us as the McIntyres have been wrong- doing, without their abuses boot a problem at all to get Gavin out or anyone out if a hospital or cluches of the police.
addingyou know what I meran, who is the paki now in this case….not to mention that allegedly and with our funds he seems to be with some ginger longer over the hearts they have never been seen together and always nothing but insulting bone another Rory mostly due to her lack of money, surely hrr parents have the sense to withiold her funds duer to Rorys gambkling and cokr habits…..not to mention the self funded ent whoring expenses n behskd of clients at the bonn Umm no. By the way someroner needs to take control and shoe these voice dealers how electronics c payments through PayPal wok nrext time no pizza surely mummy could wife him some some of her fraudulent tax breaks, tips probably not the Scots are know for their finaciasl tightinrss, especially these sort.
hey seem to hate each other so some sort of ocpverdur forced relations am sure – for he sake oflives and expense i suppose, adding to this lack ofstatus fir mothers brat Rory his so calked latest fe!male frirnd has the surnsme of pilkingtonfrom which it can be deduced thay she is a pikey or a gypsy which makes her an ethnic paki, so , some pakis like me amd gavin have homes to go to but tjose likr Rory and his do not , hogging mummys place at our expense for years then onto some crappy bedsit, tjem, theseblowlives bu have no reason to attack myself anf gavin know what i mean.

hat any country I better than the backward dundeveloped nation that is the UK and that myself and husband have emigrate twice andthese idiotic McIntyre’s and their ‘ mummy’ keeping my husnasnd abused and traumamatised overtmeficated and both of us in pain and forced to stay in coyntry due to my husband in hospital rgardless of any resorct to our maririage andhuman rights, o her ‘ sons’ can steal our funds and house and stay clapped breatfead babies typical of their type- bribed, and so the police and NHS and tax ytem hmrc don’t bother them and their own illegal frauds,junkie habit dangerous driving the lot,bthr only way these rascvists get away with it I by hurting others and because the state is fascist hurting me and my family, twenty years exoerone if such, in acdemia news media jobs, politics such ad cp and amnesty and even school hre the whites inferior academically it must be noted get better ‘ treatment’ undeservedly and now at work they refuse to pay, no reason for me and my family to pay double to help inferior theirpople while we suffer and invoices unpaid, expenses unpaid and even McIntyre’s with their pig and NHS staff stealing ur flat even – they are so poo and pathetic they do his to us with their stinky jobs lkhedly high power d but which don’t pay it seems so they steal from us for their disgusting drug habits and all sorts. These people are not happy no reason to take it out ion me and mine, they ought to be locked up, despite the media lies and plc snd nhs provkation abusex to mske us react in ays they can use for their own ends eg accusing Gavin of violrence agter huting him and illgally provoing him all these yeaes on fronyt of me at our house even, when not the case all these treason tfor me and Gavin to keep these morons’ shamefulnessss and guilty please ures secret esecially after all the yeasrs of secret abuses and thefts under the fuse of ‘illness’ and treatment yepswe know white ppl don’t help us,vthey demand help money time no turn after all these years of studies and media jobd and marriage, their you out t payuday time for the place to pick you up on the way home off the streets in front of your house even and violence harrament then to the hopsptsl with you for more torture and especially the Black’s they are kways attacking us including their staff horrible- did not notice these blacks attitiuded because very few in Scotland but nin London gry their attitdus and random attacks their piivevnd NHS staff stealing ncludoing medics and even their random bullying and schoolband sixth form only this morning on the way to work random tirrentbof rascisst abuse by some black gitrl pon the wy to wok at some park- academically we ere always taught they had it bad due to slavery and fascism, did not see their attitudes as racist abuse until recently- and they always do it for their white ppl and favours from them including policeg attacking me at Bethnsl Gren last November . Had a black rind at my girls school at sixth from shbtotally chngd and joined up with one white bully from the rcp the y had mede me rafundraise for this lazy whore and these two girls absolutely hated tortured me with out other colleagues siding joining in with them, this black girl took the money and friendship owed to mer from my previous frunra typre ising idiotic eforys and this whit girlturned slut and wino – dragging me down with her despite our college having thrown her out so why was she Turing up snyay all the time to bother me then, nasty people.Anyway I saw he the blacks always do it for thee whites slavery had not gone forbtherm, self inflicted,then they get chucked when I’m not looking, the whites ipick them upnidf they we me around must be a threat to them eh as the scot say Fran and Rebecca you know whonyou are, and this is how Rechy treatd my husband abandons him if she think am not aroun, total typial white fake, baked herself into a shrunen disguting prune with personality to match. You know the type you hear them coming with their shrill voices and you run miles myself and Gavin make sure they don’t follow us not this this time….you knob what these people don’t have a life, Techy uses the hospital NHS and police as a substitute for actual firiends using Gavin and our lrelationshp as an excuse for hr own pervisity and these hits staff type I’ll do bsnything for her filthy financial vribs, staff getting married nw cars babiescinsumt junk well of a sudden while wrecking our mraag and lives, strange The rechtpy has been kbnoe to offer bribes.whites ignoring me and Gavin because of this in favour of their uneducated vulgar moley thing The rRechy Rech- you know sh asked m to coerce with her- am not involved in their abuses so gting hut abuse also becaus they do Nt have my consent to abuse my marriage and my dalng hunbasnd and our human rights.I toldvthem yesterday at Bede ward Gavin does not rwuir Mets they s
Smmed the phone down ssvusual, youy know the typlowlufe uneducated chavs with no undetanding on English never mind nthe order ‘no’ so not wotrth it, youdthink it ead about us not them, they are not concerned about anyinew health, abusing iyr health as they call it our lives and live none of their concern at all we are not their property we are even foreign and yes going home to our for in land and our friends- last I heard these chavs ‘ nurses’ BBC report of them using food banks ( April 2017) and a yr or so before ( Scotsman) they are working without pay, thriving more like from what I’ve seen, if upou ciomplaion or accuse the NHS staff and place they rewaally comer after you,b3 yes in hsptl with my husband were handing on for our lives vand suffering so thede white lowlves can satisfy y their dirtynperverted egos eg Dr gallagherbof course inferior no masnners homerton gardnerbward am busynon computer what’s he demanding right now filthy vulgar lowluves nobody neven wants to look at these ugly mugs never mind forced tonbanswet to their filthy questions abuses , so I ignore such tyoprs ASD am busy on computer next thing I know being manhandled by gangs of chavvy staff types on this racist Irish white moron’s behalf injected sent to ipce abuses in secrecy in my room for two moths then I reaspcy baftervall this they rtepirty me to police and and me back tonopen warcd for further attacks by this filthy pervery- have been taught not tontalk to strangers norbtake their sweets, these people are total rapists. Rape your body mind house lives theor y the bones who are ctrazy not Gavin and I.
Totally illegal wrecking our lives and marriega and family life since we met we even moved abroad they stalk us and abuse our property and friends behind oyur back anything tbget us back for ournmoney e have our reasons to hate therm treatment abuse not going to force us to even like them they would rather e were dead than let us be happy it seems, never in all my life have I come across such cruelty ad these oncouth vulgar Scots attitudes and behaviours showing us a every day that they at so not woth it.

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