*Dirt at the Tullet-Burning Oil Wells

Burning Oil Wells: Tullet Prebon Energy Brokers THE Environmental Hazard, largest contributors to the Carbon Footprint and Exhaust Pollution Emmissions Trading Gases in Which They Then Trade, not withstanding their Own Fast Car races-Going Round and Round in their Own Filth amd Dirt, while the Atmosphere so Smog Infested Habitants Cannot Breathe.
Don’t know why such people are so rascist when purchasing stealing oil from the Middle East, these ethnic Scots with their nasty foreign wives ought to try emigrating back home to Scotland, Have they not heard that Aberdeen has plenty of oil reserves. Sure these slummy mummy’s types it would be appreciate by one person…..anyway, get them out of mine and Gavin’s hair …we don’t want to get exploited by such dimwits school droputs (Ewan McIntyre Eton druggie expelled prob not afford fees and Rory, Newcastle, who even new that dump had a university, student of farming??! and third due to junkie partying habits, allegedly nothing to do with lack of brins as proven time and again with rascist attitudes and snobby attitudes, these ppl hate state schools because state schoolers in my experience actually leave with some sort of education and manners compared to public school vulgar wasters)/with nothing much to say excelp ‘I can’t afford it’, ‘ he can’t afford it’ ‘you can’t afford it’, ( obscure Latin aside) the only thing they can say for themselves especially their ‘ mummy’ as they still call her in their 30s qmd 40s 🙂

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