*DEBENTURES-Rascist haraasment+ illegal ticket resales- Ewan Mcintyre-TULLET PREBON/brokers-selling 6 nations tickets abtained FREE+phoned up+asked MY husband to go on his own-ONLY 1 ticket offered-Macintyres’ abuse of our marriage constantly-Gavin well-hospital 3yrs since-thieves; pigs+NHS helping themselves with violent tactics-Mcintyres+Rechy to our money and flat+ items in flat also 2009


McIntyre, Ewan <EMcIntyre@tullettprebon.com>

Thu 12/01/2012, 14:32You;Jamie McIntyre (jamie@sorncastle.org);gordon.mcintyre@pid-systems.co.uk;



I have 6 nations tickets:

2 x sctland/england 4th Feb

2 x sctland/france 26th feb

£75 per ticket


Anyone want those ?





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