* 1)50 mess TO sam+gavin- Fergus Bully Bro’ theif 2013-12-refused to returnfunds- 3+ yrs hospital casusing illness destroy our lives-this guy is CRAAAAZY-also his partner Tory party staff scotland rascist islamophobic **** mental health prob but one rule for whites-another for non-whites random police abuses+attacks due to these crimainal junkies Macintyres causing us problems during our marriage -had enough of plc random attacks + hsptl (Since VI form due to commies RCP racist abusers-peedos driving young ppl to ‘illness’-even NOW- S-harassment secret cult) before met husband 08-We happy- his ‘family’ rascist bullies make life worse for us’ attacks on our relationship+thefts of our PRIVATE money+property-ONGOING 10 yrs-steal from us+eg when abroad-accuse us of being poor, bullies attacks threats manipyulations-TO keep Gavin dependant + make us sick-LIES- for our funds+ for our happiness+stalkers when we emigrated twice-(us not free to leave uk!) secretive abuses in hosptl-police+nhs staff -me+ husband not allowed to even talk or visit-threats by staff+his ‘family’ _3 years of torture for us-(well covered in media-no help from them-using up our resources +savings- attaking our property to make us homeless and jobless-using the pigs+nhs-one patient craig paid to abuse/harass when phone Gavin-Bede Ward St Nicholas Newcastle- bc we are professional young couple -they would deny their rascist abuses+police stalking bc police protection for their own crimes + tax frauds +drug addictions+finacial frauds …. 2) 12 mess. from MMS LLP- 3) Jr+HUMAN RIGHTS APP ’16

50 messager Fergus-12 mess mmsllp+JR_HUMANRIGHTS APPLcs forms

why should we agree / consent to previous 3 yrs of state abuses on our lives marriage proeprty frienship health ongoing attacks- and also 7 yrs before since we met married our happiness eroded by nhs and police attacks with help of rascists macintyres keen to keep my hussband who is WELL and happy in hospital for the rest of his life and dependant for our money, they hurt abuse me-they think that is alright because they are rascist its not their privilige to abuse me attack hartass whenever they can+ bc gavin met me in hospital- the pigs random abuses as usual since was at school detryoing my life- even attacks at work, on way home from uni- sta=lking outide parents house- raiding house mibdlle of night- all for no reason-started at school when met communists RCP and Ceri Dingle their woman  rascist abuses+thefts of money-and threats of plc and told to keep everthing secret and Give her /rcp all our money- !!

This child abuser peedophile made life HELL for me since then- others in the group bullying me-rascists previosly happy teenagers -going mental health-probs due to Ms Dingle and A. hirt- young people still being abuse by them + hospitalsed due to them-she told me HERSELF Feb 2017 interview

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