*Idiots+abusers at Royal ~College of Phychiatrists -NOTHING to do w them- we ARE STATE targets assaults harrassments:M15 links through RCP_police+NHS tortures-bc actually was in RCP/communists while at SCHOOL+THEIR LINKS with MI5- -rascists child abusers cover up attacks /harrassments/thefts Therefore police/state’ seemingly Random attacks since-20 times in 20 yrs since school- on my life, education, work, MY BODY/clothes-house/flat, property,FREEDOMS+now marriage-OUR FUTURE-Husband 3yrs hospital-tortures assaults abuses thefts+ongoing-human rights abuses +attacks+ threats+ LIES if we EVEN attempt to communicate/visit! His ‘family helping police=NHS for our money/flat+plce protection for their own crimes+tax evasions-NHS staff told us macintyres ‘exploiting the system’ and treating us like prostitutes abusing our marriage- since 2008. RCP communists further attacks on us + other youths -Ceri Dingle + Andy Hirst + Worlwrite-RCP front-abuses of children-ongoing many of us got ‘ill’ WE all GOT out of that 20 yrs ago-no reasoon for them to pursue me any longer-they can attack some of their whitle males they ‘helped’- eg michael Savage (Times) RCP/CERI rascists liars and thefts of money from children- as young as 13-Jane Notts-Michaels mother (teacher) rascist-attacking ME at school+ Fran Watson BULLY+HER parents also abusing ME! bc THEIR junkie whore alcoholic, A’Level failure WHITE kid got ill- 1995-1997-THEY owe me money/PAY-Asked me to ‘HELP’ bc they inferior+2Oyrs of HELL since in return-state attacks tortures ME+MINE-G 3-yrs hospital NO REASON-we plan family, friends, work-OUR LIFE- not to be sacrificed to STATE-We have emigrated + stalked/ returned from CANADA! SECRETIVE TARGETING-rascists-illegal to be happy in UK deserve yrs of police & NHS abuses for it?!THEY ARE CRIMINALS-weve asked lawyers to represent againt them- resutling in further plc+NHS attacks ….

”stuff from the Straight Left internal bulletin “The Communist” that most people had not even heard of.Explanations for this is plainly and simply they were an MI5 front,or had M15 agents within them. The only innocent explanation is that this was passed to them by M15 by a third party”



Schizophrenia – Royal College of Psychiatrists

by J Board – ‎Related articles

unusual – it feels as though MI5 or the government is spying on you. … You drift from idea to idea – but there’s no clear connection between them. After a minute …

vs RCP comusists and their links with m15- targeting us since at school- including thefts of money, bullying, racial harassment + sexual harassment, lies exploiting children for money-  cauusing children even NOW to end up in mental hospital due to their ongoing abuses-making life HELL- myself and husband very happy- ongoing targets of plice inclding plc kerb crawklers spies attaclks on our flat, proerty stoledn attacks at work and while at university glasgow/aberdeen and now MY husband hospital three years- his ‘family’ rascists- abusing him for moeny and time even before we met- they expoliting the system ongoing harassmnts attaclks on our marriage through state police and NHS- treat us like their slaves- we cannot do what they requast all the time- they take our money and freedom-and treat nhs and plce staff as their servants-rascists happy to abuse me and mine house proeprty in return for protection for their own crimes and tax frauds and driving offences all sorts-stealing our moeny to ‘pay’ for my husband in hospital to hurt and harass and abuse us- nothing in it for me and MY husband except torture hell-we get attacked by police and nhs threats if we talk/ visit- we no longer have access to any money-all outr funds stopped or taken by them,m our flat and proerty also- ‘his abusive ‘mother’ helping plce and nhs abuse us for our money SECRETIVE BC ILLEGAL FUNDRAISING AND THEFTS FROM CHILDREN_OWE US PAY_ and bc she lonely no job no friends-to helkp her other ‘sons esp fergus and ‘partner’ tory party worker jewlia macintyre and their btch-tax fraud only after OUR money-always insulting us HARAASMENTS- becuae we emigrated and happy- unlike them-so they bully us to hurt us and take from us what they can + inform polic and nhs LIES – as too lazy to work themselves – typical rascists-take what is our even though WE were here before them!!

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