*Previouly called  SCAM/ Schools’ Campaign Against Militarism (RCP communist cult-i.e.TOTAL hypocrites -attacking ME since at school: beggars for money, Marxist lies- attacking our bodies even as children-alleged M15 -Secretive+asking US to keep their filthy secrets for their abuses-Children ending up in NHS+pigs mental ‘treatment’ tortures-20 yrs ?! RCP-WorldWrite after benefits+illegal fundraising-No letters involved-begging circulars only-Illegal

Sam & Gavin Khan – McIntyre 2017   RCP Communists- CULT-peadohphiles- s- harrasments+abuses+thefts of funds- from us when we were at SCHOOL-rascist NAZIS_Marxist LIES in cover up-owe us millions-Making teens suicidal as a result-then begging for fundraising+benefits frauds?! See LM 1996 photos-no need to pander to their filthy desires+rascist abuses -they get off on the problems they cause to young ppl + non-whites-even 2017 children in ‘WORLWRITE’ ending up in mental hosptials due to their abuses-

THEN no help from the likes of CERI DINGLE or her ‘partner’ despite their harasmsnts nor their white ‘friends’ -theyy are always hiding from the plc due to illegal ‘charitable’ crimes+getting the teens to bully each other also-eg Francis Watson+went ‘crazy’+typical W SLUT+ rascist+bully-SCHOOL, she+her parents STOLE from me+’friends’ + her parents rascists attacks when requested to return what is MINE!! On her side bc WHITE-HATE THESE WHITES at RCP+Amnesty International Glasgow Univ/Tories R. Davidson + Macintyres incl Tory Staff Jewls who BEG for HELP then racially abuse us, s harassmsnts hefts and My husband in hospital for NO reason-3 yrs of Torture – we not even allowed to communicate! While they attampt to make us homeless! because we have emigrated-We NOT their property-nor their puppets-not any more. We cannot keep their dirty+illegal secrets. No reason for them to treat us like we don’t exist!

We know when we don’t need to be abused by their ‘legal’ drugs & physical attacks by plce+nhs staff manipulated to do their ‘work’- we are more educated then them- we know ourselves better than these abusive  strangers-they even take blood- for no reason-make us weak-  all this  in order fro them to justify their wrongdoings- We have jobs & owed pay- employment tribual UK – even on side of whites- refuse to let us be happy then ignore our human rights while saying the opposite LIES. Had enough 20 yrs of hell-since school-innocent ppl in uk targets provoked by state secretly even into terrorism activies for white ppl. bc they cannot handle it- they lost the Iraq war, now they are paying- BAD LOSERS -WESTERN CIVILISATION IS DEAD_

It seems white ppl even have NO respect for the expensive education provided to us at THEIR mediaval instutions?! In favour of THEIR NHS/ pigs CHAVS+uneducated junkie morons ‘macintyrs’ + Rechy loose+bored housives-HELL we dont deserve-bc she steal our money for them.

Communists child abusers £ theifs, rapists 1995-97school birmingh Angle gallery- adressU saw house
Sam Khan-McIntyre <samkhanmcintyre@me.com>
Sat 19/08, 14:51
ceri dingle
andrew hirts
and rcp communits group and youth group theives money and rapists and harassments for money parents benefits anything, evennow!! ugh when went there to get our funds returne , begging from us eg february march even when sick/hospital, OWE US-rscist fitlth chavs after s and moeny and hurting ppl, esevcially children, 19902- +20 yrs


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