*link’Householders and the use of force against intruders -The Castle Doctrine’ -We SHOOT Racsist Rechy- dirty old HAG-for continous secretive tresspas intrusions on OUR PRIVATE property+ thefts-10 yrs-valuable items, CAT?! harassments-bullying-amounting to illegal eviction with RASCISTS PLC+NHS attacks-bribes by her-after making us ‘ill’ health lies+THEIVES of OUR PRIVATE £1000s from our BANK+MMS LLP: Unauthorised illegal fraud firm+A. Biggart MMS staff affair+’bribes’ Rechy (Anne watherstone May cover up) to keep MY husband GAVINNOT SICK-hsptl NO REASON – nr. 3 yrs Nhs/ PLC +Rechy/Macintyres’ cruelty. Gavin HATES Rechy-Desperado HAG_USERS’treatment’ LIES+use of FORCE for Rechy to steal OUR love+destroy our lives marriage- Human Rights Abuses-UK state’ racial targets for exploitation

Householders and the use of force against intruders

Anyone can use reasonable force to protect themselves or others, or to carry out an … This is still the case if you use something to hand as a weapon. … someone unconscious, you then decided to further hurt or kill them to punish them; or … However, you are still allowed to use reasonable force to recover your property and …

Is it legal to shoot trespassers if you have a No Trespassing sign up …

5 Aug 2015 – 11 posts – ‎10 authors

I have a sign that says “Trespassers will be shot. … You will have a greater chance at someonebeing familiar with the laws of your area. … Also, is it legal to set attack dogs and deadly traps on your property to deter unlawful behavior? …. Basically if you think your sign gives you the ability to shootpeople …

If you have a no trespassing sign up, can you legally shoot …

22 Feb 2011 – The only way you can shoot someone trespassing on your land in any of … Every state has different laws and enforces them in different ways. … If you have a trespasser be sure your property is posted with no trespassing …

When Is It Legal to Shoot Someone in Texas? The Castle Doctrine

14 Jul 2016 – Still, knowing when it’s legal to use deadly force can be confusing. … ground,” or use deadly force, if they think doing so will protect them from bodily harm. Texas law states that you have no duty to retreat if you feel your safety … In other words, you shouldn’t have to flee your propertybecause of an intruder.

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