U.S. Department of Health & Human Services-U.S. Food and Drug Administration-MedWatch Voluntary Report+Clozapine-bloods human rights abuses expoitation of unsafe drug+treatment LIES_racially motivated abuses-by NHS/PLCE+Macintyres-Sorn Castle Ayrshire+Hollrood Tory stsff PR-wealthy-paying bribes to nhs staff, plce+media -of My familly illegally-taking Blood-(+trespass breakins our home thefts by macintyres +plce_eg laptops valuables from studio-to cause disruption+ trauma+ileggal frauds thefts of our funds with illegsl unauthorised firm maclay murray spens + B-friend of Gavin’s Stepmother-Rechy murderer/assissted suis=cide of his father for his money as well as three latyer b-friends deaths since- attacking MY husbad and Myself abuses since our marriage -even though we emigrated- she used state plce and NHS-briing them for our return-bc millionares+rascist state employees attaking me also 20 yra- since targeted by RCP communists while at school+usu, attack ME aslo if visit Gavin or ‘lock me up’ targets attacks when they let Gavin out of hospital- destroying our marriasge/ happiness+attacks at work+thefts of studio equipment laptops, jeweelert valuables, + their abuse of our family+friends also-threats)10 yrs since our HAPPY marriage-wrok/friends….treatment’ +without permission

http://www.worldwrite.org.uk/dev/site/archive/london.html : peedo cult,rascist nazi child abusers/RAPE-of children,thefts of our funds-lies anti war anti rascists communists, thefts from us ages 13-18-forcing underage scly exploiting them-called SCAM w their bad reputation+terrbile influence on children,making them ill, now even parents complain, SHE was always angry, with the wold-everything,tellig us about rascism to abuse us when she had a problem with it-not me nor my friends!then stealing MY money fro japan trip as she too lazy to raise any,MY trip was only 16-belived their lies then-she was angry, not us, making us angry by hurting us,plc nhs mcintyres same as that as refuse to pay what is owed ans steal,uovand at wor/media also-they pay for it now, me and MY hussband and family! she angy not us, ceri been found out,pawing off her dirty probs onto children,hurting us- she was always telling to keep everything secret,bc she abusive+fraud theif-she been reported to plce and charity commission-Ceri Dingle Andrew Hirst+RCP-causing children to go to ‘treatment’for m health ‘problems’ for life! encouraging/ forcing them to immoral activities, stealing funds, fran watson slut 15 and underage-rcp and ceri dingle disguting obsession w scs and rascism and my money theving frauds-to get me drunk and virtually raped at festival and stealing from me and using me/us as washing macines for her own probs-yrs of it!she only ‘helping’white mae michael savage 3 of girls scly harassede abused thats it for our money left us for dead same as mcintyres white inperialists uk,esp hurt me as better then them all but take my self estemm along w everything else and haalth to try to make me look up their lowlifes white scum nazi trash same as plc and nhs abusers w no education! for our moeny making ppl depressed w her lies and frauds-when 17 and happy bc she uneducated nazi from backward uncivilised farm-whitesavages (same as rechy dumbo no education poor farmer’s daughter total savages disg ppl if i had know about rascism would not have had anything to do w them, but as my ppl not rascsit unlike these white trash we are not aware of it until the whites start abusing us in the name of ‘anti-war ant rasim, ceri- to force us to raise funds fr that lazy obese btch-same as recy-and mcintyres,hypocrite liars-lazy w stupidwhite women hags-to support some white guy of theirs! disg-age old problem!expecting girls to do their dirty work dont think so!NOT this time-not with gavin and myself-thy didnot know what was coming when they targeted us-we are not going nesp not quietly,we are not anbodys slaves nor servants! they have no rules so they cant expect us to follow them! that is wha they cannot handle-hypocrites)abusing us and theving esp money from our culture bc we cultured asia historically always civilised unlike europe-and hurting us childen even 20 yrs later-lowlife omaeba-lowlife nazi scum- junkie whore failure bc of their encouragent of her junkiewhordom_and put her w cameron rcp phographer in 20s-then she dumped him went to her house,turned him away,then another of her bfs in 2os died allegedly on my 17 birthday/party/abuses bullies attacks thefts state plce nhs involved bc of her,ceri + her parents encouragemtns of her junkunkie slutdon, no reason for them to attack me yrs bc her ppl died nothing to do with me nor my friendds she stole abused,after my partnet then and since -typical white whore-abusing us in their attempts to make us be like them-even in their hspitlas and plc haasmmnets physical abuses targets bbe of them mesp at their christmans kerb crawler plce attacks for their celtic sacrificial funacial purpossbc we not chrstian, they go home hsptls emty oterwise-me and my husbad/family emigrated, but detained in uk for yrs attacks abuses by plce nhs mcintyres and MY lovely husband locked up closed ward abused by their prost ‘nurses mefics scl harassmnts and plce attacks threats chases, we not THEIR property,human rights abuses ongoing-all started 95-16, was plc argeting surveiilance illegal nazi commies rcp, living marxism ,ceri dingle, andrew hirst ,all of them bc illegal frauds fundrasing in streets and stealing from me funds etc-polce abuses,theft,brtality, attacks me since bc of racial profiling and fran/watsons plc informers as fran useless junkie failure her parents and rcp and ceri dingle abusing me as nohappy suceeful, not junkie nor failure unlike her, same with all whites-since age 5 at benson school teaher attacks in favour of new dumbo white gill! when i been at scl 3 yrs by then and my friend moved-thats why my husband locked up yrs we both abused bc happy and emigrtaed mcintyres,plce nhs stalkers ttcks targets of racial profiling take our money happiness lives everything,trespass, thefts, even flat, no rental nothing to us as we palnned nothing but ewelfare due to them, then they go to our accounts stesal and stop that too- total nazis-wrecking our lives persecutions,and we plan for our future and children,nr 40 now (we emigrate to canada they told us to stay bc of persecution in uk-the auhorities/emigration/worldwide- aware of it) we happy but they seem to be attemting to drive us to depression/suicide to make out we /pplm mental -not the case at all-(they kp u in hsptl months 9-10 if you deny this and refuse ‘treatment’see pervert medics,accept scl harassmts and human rights abuses- and white supremacy attidutes by lowlives w no education theives of fu r funds time happiness-wewe forced abused bullies to ‘belive’ and ‘admit’ you mental’ so they can keep u on drugs welfare, cant go to work,see friends family husband holiday ,studes, allo, just drugs and welfare abuses yrs,no freedom in uk, bc plce attacks targets since teens-not even paying what is owed-and media jobs but not now bc of gavin hsptl and rascism they not paying eg scotsman, rascists staff colleagues on plc nhs side for their moeny-and bc nazis-we are not slaves-state persecutions+stalkers-prisoners in our own homes bcof them their randon ‘visits’ to threate attack abuse drug up steal from us-since teens, on behalf of nazi ceri dingle pimp, their white rcp communists michal savage, fran watson, kate simmons, andrew hirst as they owe me money,then, amnest galsow ruth davisdson msp nazi buly their frauds, danile chandler medic scl harassmnts thefts attacksyrs, (and moira welch sandy mann ‘friends’) and since mcintyres/rechy,julia,james.fegus, all of them w nhs and pce and scotgov and their legal network attacking our happy marriage and no pay from them as owed and our jobs sp media jobs, for their nhsand plce propanda lies whilehuman rights abuses and using me as in media to acess colleague to put nhs ‘illness’ lies and plce abuses health lies about us /my lovely husbad in press in scotland and south east englad last four yrs-they did not pay for our studies at lall just taking advantage of us!we could be dead they not botherecd- gavin druggecd up no reson and nboth of us stalked harassedabused not even allowedto communicae plce told us yrs ago, trying to split us up, for their metal illnes lieas and r funds power enery/propaganda….nazi scum-we dont have our own army do we althou i coe from military family therefore we not British, regulations and foriegn office allow us to leave, no reason for nhs,plce cintyre to stopus abuse us yrs!so they have no reason to abuse me nad mine and take our funds and lives for being’british. one of us but taking their jobs ppl etc, when we and our parents paid forour education so the jobs are ours not thewhites to steal from usthen those rascists try to force abuse us into helping w jobs they useless at cannot do, then theirpl die as a result of their wrongdoing they blame me, or terrorists and attack’pakis, to go home etc ‘for acts of God caused by their own rascist ations rimeswrongdoings, protect their own nazis andget us abducted by plcs-many times, e.g on 1st yr- way home from univ. gla aiport plcs+nhs-attacks targets- no reason-state abuses 20 yrs +our family also-then asking us for more illegal fundraising+benefits requets since-exploiting children+young people, usually target wealthy bright children+students-left us for dead two yrs later-also targeting recruiting our frienships-begging us for money-RAPE eg phoenix fetival 1976 instigated by HOSTILE+Aggressive Ceri-peedohphiles EVEN showing us (being underage/not available) porn videos at summer conference(disgused as female manga)owe me and family millions in their debts+trauma=stateabuses attacks targets by plce+regular assault (over 20 last 20 yrs-secretive destroying our lives and thefts of what we have also from our homes,often sent to hsptl further abuses, MY husband nr 3 yrs in hospitasl now abused due to state torture-starting w RCP+we not even allowed to communicate-risk to visit attacks and lockup of me also in tha past-nhs stealing our money energy and human rights-complaints to h r courts and lawyer-resulting in further plc and nhs attacks,usu decemsder most yrs))as on me+family-starting while at univ-due to RCP-they have been linked to M15, see prev. post also Nazi pltics-.Ceri+Andi NAZIS_at Worldwrite interview+request april 2017-our money owed returned- they tell us ‘…exploit the bemnefts system for money!’ when its been exploiting state attacks+abuses SLAVERY_force us to tke money then demean us further- us 20 yrs even though we work! disgusting rascists owe us for our health,wellbeing+our future

https://countrysquire.co.uk/2017/03/21/the-immoral-maze/ RCP- /schools campain againt militarim, TOOK/STOLE all MY money ages 16-18- for theeir marxist LIES holidays abriad- sexual abuses rascisla harassments- employing other White ‘nazi’pjunkie kids Fran Watson, THEIF and bully vi form, HER and paerents tghrwing me out of their place NO reason- (bc fran prev chucked out fk buddy Cameron, LM photographeher- then abusing me in samer way- prev. freinds for my money fund raisinfg japan me ‘not alowed’to go’just my money!!’have asked them return it-hen calling nhs/pigs bc FRAN failure junkie and thefts of MY mnoey+friendships-and dirty slut BUT ME OK so typical trascists abuse me, Also mother of Michael Savage – crappy ‘teacher’at my girls school abusing me énquire ‘about MY family probs! without suspicion- just to HURT me- nosey B -(white hv family probs they dont get abused like non-whites! )bc her rascist kid stealing MY funds for commie hols to japan +trips to glasto! users left me for dead(+ his idiot ‘mother’affair w our science teahcer mr jangra- they have family probs NOT ME+in peprs too he he- dirty whites- pigs nhs stalking surveilance since bc pigs surveilance on them illegal activities targeting ME- while these lying lowlives get away’with it with nice jobs while pigs abuse me ant work at media and even our studio at home-rascuiat attaks-we just graduated too- no reason – bc these SH===ts owe me money-from ilegal findraising + ceri/andi asking to get benefits/council flat etc to use us