Anybody told Rechy that is is illegal to force gavin tokeep changing his will to leave everything to his brothers instead of his wife due to her racist attitude-she is busy attacking his marriage+our finaces when he is incapacitated & at his most vulnerable -doing this secretively in the hospitalthinking nobody will find out (no wonder her partner charlie called me a lie when i confonted her- he obviously doesn’t know what she’s been up to- they are that sort of nasty couple)with the help of her cromies at the unregulated criminal law firm maclay murray and spens- & she’s paying them with our money without our permission-THEIF

rachael munchauses by proxy in terms of (1) treatment for gavin when she requires it not and (2) all the motions of divorce allegedly on gavin’s behalf – someone told her she is not married to moi? Am sure he is capeable of organising it himself if he so woished, as he is in hospitasl he is therefore incapacitated with no decision making allowed- so legally ought not to be allowed divorce either- not allowed to be with me so by same token not to be allowed divroce would make sense- he has no choice to be in hsptl or not so why a choise of divborce-(3) because its not actually his choice nor decision -but rachels she is doing all the donkey work as if she’s married to me, not Gavin-upsetfing for him to see his wife abused this way -upsetting for me to see him abused by Rechy, hsptl staff & pigs-he seems to have given up on life- which was my concern from the beginning-Rechy would abandon him behing my back as she did in 2009 & leave him for dead- I rescued him and we have been very happy- anticipating & causing divorce for yrs abusing wrecking our marriage privately with Gavin in hospital-, finaces etc -manipulative as telling G for him when its what she wants

Our joint TSB account targeted McIntyres’ & Rechy thefts & illegal examination of (junkie, uneducated+bully) James McIntyre of Sorn Castle of my money-Uncalled for snobby racially motivated attitudes & attacks on my finances as usual for years by bully & theif-leading to thefts of savings & closure by Rechy leaving me to starve for years-on freezing cold boat & suffer health problems on River Lea London. she has no official powers to abuse me-also stopped our tax credits by lying to DWP despite having no legal powers of advocacy-DWP refused to continue payments-no fresh application allowed as no post on boat & previous payments delayed for months+suffering caused due to her illegal trespassing on our property & returning all post- plus unable to work as ill and trying to help my husband recover and get him out of hospital – now he long term patient with Rachel abusing him secretly in hospital and me without his consent and am not even allowed contar