Our joint TSB account targeted McIntyres’ & Rechy thefts & illegal examination of (junkie, uneducated+bully) James McIntyre of Sorn Castle of my money-Uncalled for snobby racially motivated attitudes & attacks on my finances as usual for years by bully & theif-leading to thefts of savings & closure by Rechy leaving me to starve for years-on freezing cold boat & suffer health problems on River Lea London. she has no official powers to abuse me-also stopped our tax credits by lying to DWP despite having no legal powers of advocacy-DWP refused to continue payments-no fresh application allowed as no post on boat & previous payments delayed for months+suffering caused due to her illegal trespassing on our property & returning all post- plus unable to work as ill and trying to help my husband recover and get him out of hospital – now he long term patient with Rachel abusing him secretly in hospital and me without his consent and am not even allowed contar

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