R fraud- our accounts-funds at risk+her thefts-behind or back-leaves us with nothing but forced state ‘support’ not even forthcoming for years-Rchl’sabuses same as NHS+police thefts of anything valuable to sell at their auctions+kidnappings from our home even when discharged-too many appointments, impossible to keep-then more attacks then threats of house arrest by medics Ferguson-Rchl did this before-why should these people be forgiven,we don’t have to keep situation secret as they have got away with unjustified attacks, abuses+frauds for far too long-this situation before 2008-9 due to DEMON Rchl jealous of our marriage+happiness-deja-vu.She does not deserve anything from us-we don’t owe her nor the state-Rchl secretive as is ’embarrassed’-unsurprisingly- she ought to be in jail-seems to be having incestous fling with MY husband-she says she has a partner-not sure about that-as Charlie May NEVER there for her, she’s not our responsibility.

2-ACC-funds+Rchl thefts-Gill+refundreq(Abdn+NCtj)2EvdRchl thefts DWPpay08Appeal

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