16-Rch-messages-(calls ‘visits’ invites ALL the time+total bully)incapacity harassmt Rmoney+time-video of her boring gatherings- james and jemma early to bed as dealer in jail+begging for money-(prob Rechy reported him) miserable wasters-the macintyrechildren prob turn out the same- eugh.

another R harassment mess-to wreck r marriage and get ot G in secret- for illegal coercion g for r moneyFrom R letter t R-dont spend r money-no council-harassing meto get to G wreck our marriage sinceRCHL VIDEO LINK PROVE INCAPACITY RCHL FACIAL BRUISES-TOLD US FALL-POSS VIOLENT PARTNER DRINKrechy letter mms charges or bribes attacking us funds burden harrasmenrt from her,fergus james yrssent-yet another desp mess from R to G-sent accid+her greedy reaction+usu+demands thru lawyersfiona+Loudon

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