Evd-law book-spousal will+ support-all you get in the UK is criminal+benefits fraud ‘on our behalf’ -rascists lawyers/nhs/plce+journalists-taking bribes of OUR funds-FORCE us onto benefits then abuse us for that also-PAY from rascists abusers bullies since we were teens+who OWE US-like 1)Rechy+McIntyres 2) rascist education system +ripping us off at Univ Aberdeen + Glasgow (since school)-Incl thefts by staff of our property-in favour of their WHITE students (dumbos +then expecting help!!) 3) Media where we have been trained and employed refusing to pay what is owed then writing polce NHS pr LIES 50+articles-G ‘missing’ pr state nonsence for ‘treatment’ +4)since school met rascists white RCP Nazi Commies- CERI Dingle Andy…STEALING MY money for themselves+LIES for trips with white slut whores as Fran Watson-BULLY too stupid+lazy to raise their own money then bully at VI form with her rascists ‘parents’ helping her-bc the idiot got thrown out- all this causing ‘treatment abuses state persecutions then commies+watsons gang up-forcing one onto benefits for years since-whites hsptl shits cant take NO for an answer +ccounts REFUSE to pay just steal beg for more or threaten with no degree etc-now destryoning our marriage for same reason-so rascists state workers can live ogff our ‘welare’ as employers refuse to pay us in money and security-but pay us in persecutions+ ‘treatment’ human rights abuses-we were not safe-our children won’t be safe UNLESS we get paid what is owed to us + can be free of state benefits frauds +previous employers-marriage comes with money- university education comes with money- a job comes with money + ‘helping’ commies comes with money-not to be used for benefits frauds so these organisations an keep what we earn +steal what we have from our house+their abuse of our family and friends generosity-those who’ve helped us.

will illegal rechl spousal prop

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