Further Rechy Business: Leave MY husband alone! Cailleach deranged beastie – Her rascist WHITE lies to HMRC; bribes (w OUR stolen funds) to HER BF A. Biggart a.k.a Bigot-MMS llp_FCA unauthorised frauds; illegal ‘will’ +It SEEMS TO PLCE rascists ALSO, TO ‘ROUGH ME UP’ + report LIES about Gavin+Docs.

Further Rechy Business- her lies to HMRC+bribes to her BF A.Baggart aka Bigot at MMS LLP- FCA unauthorised fraudulent firm+on list of worst lawyers-same as in 2009 when she EVEN illegally+ fraudulently forced Gavin secretly in hospital to make will for herself +’sons’ (same in 2016-he ripped it up)while we still married but not allowed contact! human rights abuses expoitation of OUR relationship+male attention for herself -from nhs+pigs lawyers etc-she has NO friends-not met any in 12 years! As she typical Western bimbo slut type-w STD-same as her prev. who died from it/she killed him/euthanasia/murderer-seems only for his money as she incapeable-as no skills or brains-incapicity to work-as divorce would have entailed her getting some sort of job!so she stole his friends for her subsequent affairs-even neglecting Gavin as prefers her filthy affairs to his school plays as promised-even when he was physically ill in Greece she more concerned about in her BFs-saw her report- then spending thousands to get him back early +dumping him in NHS Ayr-nothing the matter with him-20 years later lies NOW to her lawyers TO’Connel+Scotcouts about his mental ability – when she bimbo without brains nor education-nothing to offer anyone but her STDs+syphilis to her male friends-bored now as they all popping their clogs-she has nothing to offer Gavin except her resulting mental derangements-leave MY husband alone beastie Caillieach!Scan_20180507 (3)Scan_20180507 (3)Scan_20180507 (4)Scan_20180507 (4)Scan_20180507 (5)Scan_20180507 (6)Scan_20180507Scan_20180507Scan_20180510 (2)Scan_20180510 (3)Scan_20180510 (4)Scan_20180510 (5).jpgScan_20180510 (6).jpgScan_20180510 (14).jpgScan_20180510 (15).jpgScan_20180510 (16).jpgScan_20180510 (17).jpgScan_20180510 (19).jpgScan_20180510 (21).jpgScan_20180510 (23).jpgScan_20180510 (24).jpg

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