*Rechy-Cailleach from Border Reivers raiders lawless clan-Watherston – she moved from borders in 1969-Research+copy of email sent through Guild Website – D Bates at one-name.org

Copy of email sent through Guild Website
3 hours ago at 10:50 AM
From sam and gavin khan-mcintyre

For your records, the following is a copy of the email you recently sent through the Guild website.



From: sam and gavin khan-mcintyre (samkhanmcintyre@icloud.com)

To: weatherstone@one-name.org

Subject: Contact from the Guild Website regarding your Weatherstone study

to Mr david bates-Fwd: Rechy hag from Border Reivers CRIMINALS lawless clans families- see links-watherstones NE border-even her sis. countess devoshire said were highway cannibal robbers+R Pirates
they eventually got given floors castle presumbly as they did something terrible for some landowner-to keep their mouths shut as a bribe-they never did to this day Rechy hag is dead! Gavin khan-mcIntyre my husband not her ‘son’anyway-he’s too lovely-and she too cruel.

1-Name origin
Although my own line is situated in Northumberland, England, I believe the origin of the name to be in the ‘Borders’ region and possibly Berwickshire, Scotland.The earliest recorded entry I have found is for a marriage in 1604 in Newcastle-david bates-contact at one-name.org

Read more at https://one-name.org/name_profile/weatherstone/#gA3BiIucL7vTXgdD.99


The Border Reivers were lawless clans whose raiding culture predominated in the Tudor period. Many of the surnames, which were found on both sides of the border, are still frequently found in the North East of England.
and 3 funny:-
http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/WaterstoneLast name: Waterstone
SDB Popularity ranking: 18540

This very interesting name is of English locational origin from a place in Dorset, now called Waterston, but originally called Piddle!

Read more: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Waterstone#ixzz5FHKE5Ecs

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