*Sorn Caste+Estate-servant girl Green Jean murdered-thrown off balcony by butler due to being pregnant-property aquired 1903 TW McIntyre-the father possibly TW McIntyre, who aquired the property 1903-refusal to pay his dues-despite being lawlord/judge at Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh (+often typical hypocrites).Castle/estate therefore NOT property of McIntyres as alleged ‘current ownership’+badly managed. See historical photos 1800s Somervilles-The bronze of Green Jean-at Eachwick Hall (Rechy). James McIntyre refused to allow us at RPE to make a film about it-as all secretive & illegal criminal activity. (Also someone in Ayr claims to be Robert McIntyres oldest son-possible+Rechy angry about it-questionable parentage of any of the 6 McIntyre brothers-Esp. of Gavin’s mother.

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