sorn scum cars wf magzn (private)


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E-Types and Bizzarrini battle and crash at Goodwood Revival!

Goodwood Road & Racing



Prince Charles & Camilla Royle Family spoof – BBC comedy

BBC Studios
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McIntyre in ISO Bizzarrini at Portimao



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Published on Nov 6, 2014

GT & Sports Car Cup 2hr Race at Portimao
funeral destination sorn castle tops: (+stop copying me and G u sorn scum)
This abusive NAZI bully after mineand MY husbands freedoms and funds-always asking after our funds + finaces! tbeggars telling me POPOR they are?! WTF! even thefts from our tsb joing acc-two yrs ago- abuse deliberlaely we left no food cold etc! rascist nazi all secretive abususis- my prev twitter acc on subjet blocked by them and vid on u tube seems to be removes0 bc about them- my husband 4 years hell for us- he in ‘treatment’ to wreck our happy marriage destroy our lives so macintyres and Rechy show off w cars they cant even afford-debts to get them-while thefits from our personal private accounts, work, family, friends lies to nhs+hsptial-bully us 10 years- same in 09-tried to get us dvorced in 09 (even tried to annul our mariage during our happy honeymoon-bc she NAZI peedo beastie caiileach STD infested brainless twit rascist uneducated savage SCUM!) secretively w help of bribes to polis+NHS ayr bcwe emigrated-these waster junkies rascists suses cant handle their own edfucated inferirity- NGS staff helping them +themseoves to our money+freedoms! Gavin four yrs ‘teretemnt NO REASOn+waste of public funds nhs newcastle+Edinburgh while macintyre. Rechy+Charles MAY get away w murdering our freedoms+livs- u cannot confront them-they threaten bully you+get rascists nazi pigs involved! horrible cruel ppl+put anything on FB /twitter etc they can’t handle it- They blocked G’s FBeven our prev twitter blocked by them! he’s not even allowed to talk to me-nor write letters- since 2015! a few calls only threats by NHS staff+pols! even Rechy-using exploiting us+threasts to polise her + Charles MAY-bc Gavin abuses punished in hsptl for nothing while she takes what is ours even FLAT thefts – despite their mansions and castles! WTF?! our furniture posts-funds + on savvilles to let 2 yeas ago-total criminal fraud\+was hiding it from me! she seems to think ok if help of NHS/pigs+her criminal frauds lawyers help her- don’t think so+not even her funds they taking-she stealing ours from savings! we happy even plan to have children -Gavin 4 years in hsptl-we not allowed to even talk or touch while these ppl procereate with useless brats same as them-eugh! then using us on them for attention too-don’t think so!
That looks awesome to drive Jamie.
u up his filthy ****se yah-eugh
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