link-video-Filthy Commies+heeebie Jeeebies_ Python synopsis-Hate the way RCP commies-usind us as a DECOY-same as macintyres-criminals-We were at school RCP-lied to us-for our money-many in Scam ended up in ‘treatment’/depressed etc-abused by RCP esp Ceri Dingle+partner Andy Hirst-since 2005. (even Fran watson’s friend’ suicide-bullying me since 17th birthday. Commies also they said they hated the polis-LIES-(bc they criminals) then attacked us even when me+friend lost somewhere-then tried to get us lost in Berlin-NAZI chauvinist SCUM! They criminals-like to get the pigs involved when it comes to us/non-white set the pigs on us no reason-as aDECOY- 20 yrs-Dingle+partner on the loose STILL+Worldwrite East london HQ-making children into mental-now parents even complainng-Ceri told me thisn(At the time we were at school+happy-one girl in SCAM/rcp was 13+depressed bc of their lies-Jane-only tthe white kids ok-me+family getting abused by state since) told me to ask state bc SHE owes me money!not the state- why should they pay-only abuse u in cells +hsptl if get hold of you-bc of rqascists-same as macintyres-craaazy! Macintyres millionares bullies owe us money-refusal to pay-getting us abused by the state so they steal from us behind our backs-(don’t think so) do their junkie whoring racing frauds thefts dgamblibling crimes disposing of OUR funds-NAZI state 4 years! Not believe us until we’re dead-the dead can’t talk that’s what they think! Destroying history+evidence-won’t cut it-these ppl even LOOK haunted-they give you the creeeeeps-heeebie jeeebies+the properties they stay in creeepy cold all the time too. Demons of Christ-he’s an excuse for these demons to get away with murder even-as they seem to think-these morons ought to learn ENGLISH-starting with the word NO-then go back to their caves in the hills where they belong