Brothel keepers, incestuous mummy rechy + ridiculso ‘engagement’ announcements of mother +’sons’ beats any Mr Hardy I daresay:)

Folley absolutement- these dsg brothel keepers did marry mummy rechy after wrecking R marriage emigration’work and family lives fr children house.. .work 10 yrs ago they dead Sorn castle /keep not safe – not9r their useless junkies don’t exploit me n g bc they have no love nor £ theives! abusive nazi scum r dead ha ha +that Mr Folly pervert  nazi acting like he owned the plce, said James told him to throw us out we were standing in entrance g all and he went to get James-later rechy as usual excuses for them, bc lol a was crying, one time she said bc jemma was there,?! These ppl disgusting hate the way they like many white scum behave like u want them when actually I can Gavin couldn’t care less about them, this fact must have got through to their drug addled in stoutly fogged brains after 4yrs,hence gab vin in hsptl locked up last four yrs and both of us abused and stolen from by these scummy theives and their state servants nazis who can’t take NO for an answer & have never heard of the OED, seems they only understand grunts – comprende? Us educated ppl Gavin and I cannot go down to those sort of levels get it-lowlife ves-!took one look at me +threw us ouy, made me feel Awful 4 no reason, v belittling, on their child bday, we hapened to brd to be driving past then he popped his clogs! He was nazi BNP think they have dealings w trump as Gavin was told they in golf courses-Serve them right they wanted us there to know about birthday that we weren’t invited to throw us out as that always do when they steal our lives from us then deny it by treating us like dt not pay us what owed, lies excuses for yrs-they gave no reason to take us out, seems like these mb axis hobby to hurt,  abuse and discard willy nilly, think it’s OK to abuse ppl close to them easy pickings  don’t think so, they’ve hHAD It! unless those fmes up their arises as they u want p themselves, like most w scum, the scummier they r the more up their own arises they are and behold anyone who begs to differ, I mean they only gave to look at u or perv at u as is their way + they real se what lowlives they r its funni actually see  they go crazy for no reason then start throwing u our or whatever, usu they r stoned and high + mighty bc of it, as for their mummy she encourages that sort of behaviour partial to I think herself, +any opportunity to atone for and explain away the sins of her incestuous brats eugh! but as Gavin and I beg to differ on humanitarian freedoms esp of  of movement + Right to R family life grounds-these ppl realise they do have millions to slosh about after all and spend it on wrecking r lives, scum, it’ll bite them back as always then we have to go as the don’t want them on r case bc of their own probs they caused to themselves ha ha. Sure made my rechy’s excocisy will take care of them at Sorn Kirk, demons of christ-we not free for them to abuse, God made them pay w Brian’s life+their rechy babysit as she wanted them at her place, wasn’t not Inv to funeral, using me and g to get w g at they want, esp as James mb ason married to her, she wrecked their happiness from when they met like me +Gavin’s, we got away +emigrated, they can’t handle that, and th w….leave r house and funds alone dickinson part japanese rascists demons of christ and tullet Prebon junkie wasters euan lowlife + his bro Tullet Prebon useless social whore as the term goes, destroying the planet with carbon footprints to put their kids thru whore school, never seen likes of such mini Mcintyres-BORN stoned! Disgusring how they all up rechy’s bside, they blind to her wrongdoings, u can’t tell these sort no, they don’t even understand the old anglais, only money, don’t have millions  to get Gavin home, bc these brainless bimbos  addiction  to other ppls money-total frauds, they took what’s our theives from account even left us to starve and cold before, nothing ever enough for these lying down filthy  bottomless pit vampirical succubi. See notices below, these weren’t even on same page, always hiding these lying scum, ianounce changed it this week to put them on same page and changed the old candle suitable for funeral motif to birds picture)

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Searching: Wedding and Engagement notices in United Kingdom published in 2007 or earlier

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  • McIntyre: Engagement


    McINTYRE of SORN FOLLEY The engagement is announced between Jamie, eldest son of the late Mr Robert McIntyre of Sorn, of Ayrshire and Mrs Charles May, of Northumberland, and Jemma, younger daughter…

    Published in the Herald on 26th October 2007

    See announcement

  • McIntyre Dickinson: Engagement


    McINTYRE DICKINSON The engagement is announced between Mr Ewan McIntyre, son of the late Mr Robert McIntyre, of Sorn, Ayrshire, and Mrs Charles May, of Each Wick, Northumberland, and Miss Amy…

    Published in the Herald on 14th November 2007

    See announcement

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McIntyre Dickinson : Engagement

 Published in the Herald on 14th November 2007 (Distributed in London)

McINTYRE DICKINSON The engagement is announced between Mr Ewan McIntyre, son of the late Mr Robert McIntyre, of Sorn, Ayrshire, and Mrs Charles May, of Each Wick, Northumberland, and Miss Amy Dickinson, daughter of Mr and Mrs Anthony Dickinson, of Petworth, Sussex.

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