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just now
They not civilised! Total nazi staff +rascists students all up themselves for no rsnu just after r money if not white, failing ppl deliberately, all attention support for whites males, guaranteed jobs, girls harassed constantly by male students+99% male w lecherers harassments, abuses female students exploited for their bodies especially those girls in relationships-makes u feel unwell hearing about all that dirt, esp if not white treat u like washing machine, if u have any issues these nazis cause don’t want to know get authorities involved two faced especially that Ruth Davidson msp+Julia Foster Woodruff cadogan McIntyre from London+crown hold plc developers cadogan family – supporting nazis in Scots Tory at Holyrood-no devolution! since +Daniel Chandler get accepted by white society for racism+my husband+I stalked abused attacked by rascist authorities on their behalf yrs+bc they+media jobs +Mcintyres owe us money pay + compensation, but not forthcoming abuses exploitation by nhs+PLCE MY husband in hsptl 4yrs! We attacked by staff nhs, plce Mcintyres, even if talk! Not ill:no reason we don’t belive in medicine so further attaches abuses +media exploitation of situation by r media employees, nhs+plce for their pr and nazi nhs health propaganda lies, esp since postgraduate in journalism, state Nazi NHS+their plce+Mcintyre cronies can’t exploit us for their media propaganda purposes health lies frauds while not paying locking us up+targeted of their abusive lies,Gavin & I emigrated yrs ago, they couldn’t handle it that we don’t have probs and happy married+in work & children, we not safe in UK, brought back in chains for nothing offered in UK! Frauds theives nazi attack since at school bc met some RCP Commies-we not invisible, to hide all the tim-we ought to be safe from such criminals theiving frauds. Happy Anniversary Gavin, we even had to get remarried due to these state and mcintyre nazi scum wrecking r lives in 08/9-them we emigrated again in 04-G locked up since, all secretive:denials attacks from them+their bribed staff-no reason for them to racially abuse me since 5 in favour of their wdumbo blonde new gl(vickybenson scl=-like Frances Watson, they can visit supportanazi & leave a donation for her commie campaign-when 1her bfs die on my 17 birthday (Eire) don’t expect me to pay for it with MY life-ask your own pimp parents ok-not to harass me +informer lying rascists chav, bc owe me money, h and leave my money partner family +friends alone, dirty theives users exploiting non whites in UK getting worse+ worse! Rechy Eachwick Hall Ponteland) Newcastle, McIntyres from Sorn Castle, Ayrshire, South of Glasgow-same as her, Fran was 16-Rechy haggis 70-dsg w dirty hypocrites+demons of christ.Not a vet, but stayed at Wolfson at one time.Don’t get it how cruel UK is + can’t say anything get in trouble with & they refuse pay for anything esp salary at work, when nothing like this abroad-where my ppl from, bc of military- they have nothing like the disgusting problematic attidudes of the mcintyres who can’t stand to see anyone happy+ start attacking them,Esp for money +when you’re in your teens it’s not so important bc u don’t need much of it but now Gavin+I married+plan OWN chldrn! NO reason to wreck our lives and marriage for R own money, and exploit the state health welgare and plce systeems allegedly on our behalf to take R funds,even from private accounts everything from flat, rental funds all amounting to hundreds of thousands over the yrs+oweus-same 10yrs ago when we emigrated+abuse torture bribe G into sacrificing R lives secretly-to force dvc+ immorality in their nhs lock up, bribed state+media what else do they do W their millions then complain+ whinge they Have no MONEY?!They not even happy despite-attacking abusing us for being happy, too lazy+rascist to make their own happiness, seems their only happiness comes from cruelty, then they thought they were safe kidnapping MY lovely husband from Edinburgh hospital Secretly-secure unit Gosforth w police patrols?!When I found out-attacks at home not ill!
Alistair Alexander

6 months ago
The majority of the reviews related to this are actually for the Small Animal Hospital, not this the teaching establishment.
I’m neither a student or employee of Glasgow uni. Instead I’m a neighbour who …
Natalie Payne

7 months ago
Dog went in for a non invasive CT, was discharged with a bloody back side which was not even mentioned on discharge. Manager is pathetic and not fit for purpose. A necessary evil for animal treatment unfortunately.
Jane Nightingale

a year ago
My Golden Retriever had a large tumour on his eyelid. George Peplinski and his team operated and now my boy has fully recovered. Not only was my boy well looked after at the Vet School but the courtesy and understanding given to me during …More
Ellen Hay

a year ago
I have great respect for all the vets who work there we had to take our beloved dog susie although we lost susie the staff were brilliant and could not do enough for ourselves and susie.
L Dunn

2 years ago
Unfortunately as much as I respect Glasgow vet school my experiences with them have been very poor. The first was when my puppy suffered a vaccine reaction causing paralysis so he was hospitalised. It was over Christmas so I understand …More
Maria Fraser

3 years ago
This wonderful organisation and Super Vets saved my little dog . He would not be alive today but for their care and skills.
Mónika Mádi

3 years ago
First class service, spotless environment, highly knowledgeable staff who’s are experts in their field.
Wish we could choose Small Animal Hospital for our everyday veterinary practice…
Pauline Shaw

2 years ago
We had to take our dog due to breathing difficulties lost him.the staff showed dignity respect to our boy and so kind and comforting to us. THANK YOU
Keith Armstrong

4 years ago
the actual school of Veterinary Medicine for University of Glasgow is at 464 Bearsden Road, Glasgow, G61 1QH, Scotland
iain kennedy

4 years ago
i think my sister did some work for these guys.
Rosie Richards

5 years ago
Friendly staff great space for pets
Cecil Dissanayake

a year ago
Scott M

a year ago
Ali Fakheri

a year ago
Mitchell Mireylees

2 years ago
Vainglorious Gaming

2 years ago
Amir Nidhal Guessoum

2 years ago

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