Twitter @blairquhanrpe & ijs with Blairquhan Castle Rainbow Publishing @blairquhanrpe ‘Britain’s Youngest Boarders 2010’: via @YouTube-Gavin’s old school Sunningdeale-with our review-You Tube documentary RPE International TV


Blairquhan Castle Rainbow Publishing@blairquhanrpe

Britain’s Youngest Boarders 2010  via @YouTube-Gavins old school Sunningdeale with our review-You tube documentary rpe international TV -These chidlren going to have problems, my husband went there, fine, but now his ‘ma’ rechy dirtyoldtheivinghaggis who couldn’t even raise him has been wrecking our lives and marriage,stealing,frauds,attacks, getting mcintyres, bribing state,plce, her legal network,stockbroker ‘partner’,scotgov -all sorts,bc she totaalrascist,can see with Dominic in film, like me, clever enough for Harrow but they’re being rascist, keeping him waiting-treating him like that and they give what is his to the white kids, i know because that’s how i was treated since 5 at school,Univ, work/media,state stalkers attacks ,racial profiling, targets since at school-for no reason-then other white kids become racists start attacking you too-boarding school ok if things not nice at home-as it was for mcintyres- they don’t like to pay, like to steal, mcintyres much worse,steal our unds flat, wreck our marriage, pretend Gavin ill, kidnap him to hsptls to go behig our back, abuse wreck our marrage,Rechy even trying to pimp him out by not allowing us to talkor see each other four yrs hell now, even under plce nhs threats, duress-we married and emigtated yrs ago, we run Rainbow Publishng Enterprise International, have postgraduate degree and children to think about–they even steal from our personal account, funds, flat,refuse to let us have our own rental payments, force us welfare, that hospitlal gosfoth newcastle(mcintyres millionares expoliting welfare sytem + benefits for us only!total scum whilestealing our funds,flat,trespass flat, accounts, private bank acc,lies to our friends an family and plce nhs all sorts-all items from flat too-total kleptoes. did the same ten yrs ago when we emigrated before, and had jobs lined up then too-work visas-waste our funds on bribes to state, our savings we spent on emigrating marriage all sorts, they just treat us like irt and say we poor when they steal evrything, we cant let them see we even have a penny they would steal that too! Then abuse us for having no money, our moey is not for their purposes, they hadeven left us cold and hungry at times, they junkies brothel keepersat sorn keep, never seen such spolit brats their children born junkies-worst children ive ever come accrfoss!they ough to be in care, they cant afford school without mine and gavins money it seems! Even losing their jobs!)their father died of STD-n o wake up call for them, don’t ask me and gavin for help, we not anybods servats they can go to,hahato keep us in nazi uk-we are not their slaves! for support, to exploit us w their dirty laundry, stausm they scum and they up thmsleves, terrble bc you cant tell themthis they go crazy)yas up themselves for no reason!)) like prison w police patrol and threats at our house, bc they criminal, rechy w charles may Brewin Dolphin  +Eton junkie dropouts Gavins brothers(awful horrible ppl+nazis+horrible to their partners too-to me too asrascist, rechy attacks all 6 of  their partners, jealous,SHE not normal+ incestous-ought tobe in jail w fergus and james, gavin says that ) at tullet prebon,nazi lowlives- her pner thefts our funds for his  filthy affairs-charlesmay eachwich hall and gavin from Sorn Castle Ayrshire, he is MY lovely husband-(not hers, hates her she cant handle it)we have our human rights and can live where w like, they have no reason to bring us back in chains as when we emigrated to canada 10 yrs ago and fake forced secretive dvc for rechy’s behalf incestous hag-(some ppl ought not to breed see other comment)we have our human rights and are moving to Asia and running our business +writing books-they pay there too properly- and our family, the mcintyres nazis cant handle that we happy, that kid dominic you’d think his ma over the top but she ought ot take him home, many of us non-white gradusated leavin uk- better jobs opprtunities and hippiness – nothing in britain for us-gavin and i didleave eigrate again 4 yrs ago have left tyrs ago if hsptl plc mcintyres hadnt kidnapped him,- Gavin is lovely it wouldnt cross either of our minds to do bad things, punished for no reason, no juststice , bc hsptl like prison as no case in court bc no evidence as he’s locked up by the criminal wrongdoers, Britain is incredibly backwards in all respects, have lived abroad & studied at vienna as well as Scotland-Britain is in the dark ages- esp in education, my friends who are international or sudied abrad also say britain educationally backwards-like the dark ages, especially scotland neanderthals who ought ot be quarantined behind that wall & those castles they ought to stay in,there was a good reason to put those bad ppl in them, don’t know how they escaped, too much trouble for anybody-none of mine nor gavin’s concern, not up to to’ HELP’-would recommend the OED if they knew what is was, see ‘NO’.

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