Read update Nhs + plce physical abuses + attacks week so far this time! no reason, they Nazi stalkers theives since teens-won’t even tell u when u can go home indefinite persecution state gambling with our lives bingo and rubbish ‘activities’ to bore one insane! While they flee e us for being born! So can ‘keep’ us for months or yrs!no reason esp as Gavin and I don’t do their criminal dirty work, despite treatments drugs and brainwash!we are not anybody servants nor slaves no matter how badly they treat us, we die to get free or what?! Activities rascist nothing immoral bingo whites stealing Indian takeaway food staff owe me money theiving sites my and g time not theirs not your R life not theirs nazis won the war UK ruled by nazi scum loooveto to abuse us Indians since 17( nazi w ss scum bc father was in br state military nazi UK ss abusing my family+I since teens, even primary schl, racial targets

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