The Works shop- Metro Centre Newcastle-Review: I bought+paid for some paint then falsely accused by staff of theft! Report to police stalking me 6+ months (because black Dr to prove his whiteness to them illegally disclosed my address to them after they + CRT/ canal + rivers trust evicted ne from my own boat +attacked abused me as raping me, brutality, then took me to Homerton hospital for further abuses), prev to that they after me the year before+attacked me see previous post+ bruises +cut clothes 2016-17 winter. Abusing my body! The prev. year 2015 Gavin’s nazi ‘mother’ sent false reports to them to attack abuse/question me in Hackney, London, with their secret squad car, not the usual white car,and in the dark evening, Re hy is know to bribe authorities/media+ the previous year 2015, the very same police kidnapped Gavin from our boat, recently the same Hackney police have bee in convicted of unlawfully killing a youth in a shop+these same Newcastle police who attacked a used me convicted of rape, Stephen Mitchell In 2011-SEE NEWS REPORTS PREV POST) even to my house, no food for two days, police brutalty+rip my clothes amounting to rape, then sent to hospital moth so far with unregistered medics, see other post reports to GMC +Investigatory Powers Tribunal at Secret Set ice investigating-pice+NHS atta ks brutality and since teens when bullied at school by people in left wing communist politics RCP/revlolutionarty communist party, youth movement, was called SCAM see other post on this site

Wolfson Hall Glasgow Univesrsi staff rascists attaks chucked is out Michaelmas 1998 no warning, we not Christian! Then nazis liars went being my back stole all my things+writing- large suitcase from home and writing,exp1then keep doing it thru uni 5urs’halk priv landlord too, horrible ppl racists, owe me,, from 97,then no reason for them to demand top up tent for nothing ) [0] – Show quoted text On 29 Aug 2018 19:46, “Mail Delivery Subsystem” wrote: Error Icon Address not found Your message wasn’t delivered to faze12200@yahoo.unable to receive email. The response was: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a account ( [0] – ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Gavin and Sam Khan-McIntyre To:, David Moss , Gacvin mcintyre Cc: Bcc: Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 19:46:34 +0100 Subject: Wolfson Hall Glasgow review student crowd 98 nazi theives lies staff Wolfson Hall staff chucked is out Michaelmas no warning, we not Christian! Then nazis liars went being Dear Sam Khan-McIntyre, I acknowledge receipt of your email and