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Innapropriate events management, not organised at all, wine corked, much better food service at Sorn Inn-if looking somewhere local-unless all u eat is pork+cranky brothel ‘owners’ to tell u they own the place! Hmmm right… See-Update https://www.obituare.com/rachael-anne-watherston-mcintyre-may-obituary-17189/

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Sorn Castle, Sorn, Catrine, Ayrshire, Mistress, Dowager Passed Away Today

Date of BirthMay 09, 1947

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Date of PassingMay 18, 2018

Rachael /Anne Aka Rechy RACHAEL Watherston McIntyre May

from Sorn, Scotland, United Kingdom

Sorn Castle, Sorn, Ayrshire, Scotland, we announce the passing of Rachael Anne Watherston Mcintyre May, aka Rechy, previously of that establishment and allegedly with Robert McIntyre had 6 sons.

Gavin Khan-McIntyre, married happily to Sam Khan-McIntyre-now at their tenth aniversary: renowned writers, artists, film & furniture makers. Together they run Rainbow Publishing Enterprises International with several Studios-including at Sorn Castle/Estate & at Southwest France.

Anne, also known as Rechy, shakked up at Eachwick Hall, Newcastle, Northumberland, with Charles (Grousy) Fryer Seaburne May in 2007. Very good excorcist priest available at Sorn Kirk if Rechy happens to be sited

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months ago
After attending a wedding n a gorgeous ere

Louise McKenna


Raymond Nicks

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Jane Zengin

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Tom Henderson

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7 months ago
Fab evening ecial-really appreciated!

Eric Dickson

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6 days ago
Beautifull ere


e thanks from all my company xx


Orra Clyesdale

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a year ago
Exquisite venue, amazing h

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