Acknowledgement from Investigatory Powers Tribunal-at SIS/MI5-with regards to police stalkers+ abusers+their medical staff attacks+abuses, on the behalf of police

Dear Sam Khan-McIntyre,


I acknowledge receipt of your email and the one you sent earlier on 19/10/18.


These emails will be laid before the Tribunal along with your forms when they arrive in the post.


Yours sincerely


Assistant Tribunal Secretary


From: Gavin and Sam Khan-McIntyre []
Sent: 19 October 2018 20:19
To:; David Moss <;<>;; Rainbow Publishing Enterprises <>; sam khan-mcintyre <>;; Gacvin mcintyre <>;;
Subject: update: Unlicenced+ struck off ‘Dr’ niraj /niraj two names-Berry abusing me +patients at beckfield ward, Hopewood hospital, Ryhope, Sunderland, sr20B, his two staff he forces us to ‘see’ at random times- like dating am not available! mohammed dahlan and i



On Fri, 19 Oct 2018, 14:35 Gavin and Sam Khan-McIntyre, <> wrote:



That’s great, thank you.

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