4 poems about us, my loved one+him having been taken away/kidnapped/stolen by the state authorities+abused-due to these Nazis’ mental health lies, he is much missed by myself+friends. These are for Gavin.

Hear My Cry
Cry and cry, till I die
Can you hear,  I want you by me
As we used to play
In the long golden grass,
My beautiful one. Long gone
Four years, but still with me
Played till state authorities saw
And stole from us our life,
Raped us for themselves
Persecuted us, we ran, not mad
To escape their tether chains cells
Far away, beyond altitude.
Past the blue sea yonder
Through Its whistling wash,
Up away from those  cliffs
Moved all mountains,
We are not mad to be accused
Fast past the sun’s rays.
So they would not find us
But they must have done.
We still crying for one-another
This time too, in the cliffs,
Can you hear my cry my call,
Through the sun sand, ether.
Can you hear me now, still
Ringing in the silent wind,
Through sun, sea and sand
The waves lapping, mingling wet
On the edge of the precipice
The cliffs of blue yonder.


Without You Life a Burden

Living on the boat

Had been working on it

For the last three years,
Tidying, and boat work.
With more and more water
Coming in, maintenance  to do,
Rubbish to take to far away bins.
Water brought from even farther.
Taps to go to, with vessels brought,
Wood to collect and manage.
Fruit to collect, fires make, Impossible to keep the cold out.
Victuals on my back  to collect, dreadful burden hurt,broke my back,
life painful, Suffering sore, Rude people, out of their way to hurt
Shoulders down, authorities stole.,
You, they gave nothing in return, their burden on my tiny frame
Degraded and old years alone.
All rude, all over London cruel,
Shopkeepers security strangers,
Cafe owners all causing trouble
Because London, a cold hard place.
And life, aburden without you.
With no-one by my side to while away the pass of time, nor help,
No money, just me and your spirit.
With me, we had to scavenge, to live
Like unmentionables, no money,
It was finished or your people greedy took what was left.
Not even welfare, they took that too
Job applications going nowhere
While I’m trying to get you out
of there the hospital with cops.
Chasing us say we not allowed,
To live, brainwash us into believing
Their deemed mental health illness
For no reason a racist Nazi lies.
Thinking you’re dead,
Hurting while asking lawyer help,
Nothing for us, you without,
I should have stayed near you.
4 years ago, our flat in Edinburgh,
Near you now in Newcastle, but Hardly see you a year they after me Chase, lock me up for nor reason
They make me think theives lies
you they may  have moved you,
State authorities burden,
After burden doubled up in pain.
My hair falling out, and going grey,
since they stole you away,
A shadow of my former self
Am nothing without you
The Magic of Writing
I write and write to arrive
Hoping these words get to  you,
In some magical way

Set it the paper heated, aflame.

To reach  you via spiritual aspect

From the material of wood, carbon,

Ink, the natural elements.

To get it to you through my touch

To the other side of the walls,

Where you don’t belong,

There for no reason,  keep you ill.

When you are not, and me away,

Under duress and threats,

State authorities, bullies enemies,

Demon nazi home wreckers’ hell.

And your people too, all are wrong

You are not mad, they are confused,

Between genius and madness,

Stalking abusing us to prove it.

So these words go our for you in air,

So reach your mind, sustain your soul,

To nourish you with love and Joy,

Through the pleasure of  touch

Of ink on paper, symbolism from it.

All to touch your heart, your being

With that magical earth brush

To join us to the spirit of the world.

For we can make whatever we like

With our quill and ink, as it reaches out

To stain you, the world, beautifully,

To touch you, as what is wrongly denied

To us my love is returned restored.

When you Were a Happy Teapot

As a wedding present we were given a tea-cosy,

And it makes me laugh and cry to think of you happy

Doing that little teapot dance, you in love with us,

To make tea whenever it took my or your fancy,

Even when it was my turn to, you did more than me.

Am being fair, and you or  the powers that be,

Who took you away that night, that day, that morning,

Broke into our house and took our things too,

The demons of the state, and for no reason,

Decided that you were mad and locked you up,

For years, and where are our children, do not know,

How much of that cure-all tea we always drank,

Took you away covered in love energy, I told them no,

Locked up by the state, once just because t couldn’t sleep,

I didn’t know what to do anymore, ran away,

Then they even took you away from our boat,

The last four years l dream of you making teapot,

I’ll cry at anything, and even the sky, until I die,

Even if I  never am  allowed to see you again,

By the state demons and your people, regrets,

Because they came for you, and they got me too,

But ill always see you in a teapot and teacup.

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