Poem-For No Reason

We are being punished again

Celtic pagan human sacifices,

For no reason.

To make us belive we’re mental.
Through being locked up tormented,
By the stalker kerb crawler police
And their NHS mental health staff
Our health is none of their concern
When we didn’t hurt anybody
Nor ourselves as they’re supposed
To lock people up for, for the rules
Don’t apply to them hurting us.
For we did nothing wrong, we being
Targets of Nazis who won the war,
My father fought them too,
With us not being white, we targets
Of police state racial profiling.
Otherwise why so many, over 20
Attacks in the 20 years since teens,
By police but no convictions,
Only to pass on to the hospital
For no reason.
With the police raping our bodies
And lives, and the papers today
Telling of how they go for trivial
Matters and don’t solve crimes
And they’ve been discredited,
With their unlawful killings,
Even the day after those same ones
Came after me, we are easy prey.
And I don’t believe in rascism
For we are not a colour and it hurts
Even to submit to it in my mind.
But that is all the police and medics they work with see,
Attack us due to their lack of it
For money thefts and pay
For no reason
Wreck our lives marriage, steal what they can, just because they can
For no reason
and we complain or  take them to court,
For a reason.

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