Rainbow Publishing Enterprises Thu, Sep 12, 5:31 PM (22 hours ago) to spa.24, me Re: Private (M.8980.001) [T-C.FID28525] dvc action dismissed by courts expenses awarded to Sam-Turcan o’connel Zainab Al Nasser (BC we dropped the case as we together + happy,got to get him out of hsptl asap and out of rechy/mcintyrs/May’s+plc+nhs! But Rechy: to foot the bill HER case not Gavin’s,+she even admits it see prev mess from her, rascists criminal,G not I’ll she abusing him+I for 10 yrs,even when we emigrated+married she did this before using plc+hsptl (‘secret’ buses,not illanden cutting off our benefits from hsptl+ then tax credits+not allowing us to work disruptive taking from G trust fund refusing to return it,controlling by ifferingbkoney,she can handle it, we said NO to her-this time she got caught! Still trying to get in thru hsptl me and told her NO, we hope she gets the message this time and leaves us alone,trust fund dispute p going to court (with Irwin Mitchell)if she doesn’t hand over the title deed as promised

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