About – Investigative Journalism scotland.org – Sam and Gavin Khan – McIntyre

We aim for stories which uncover the truth, abuses, ritual state targets abuses and attacks such as we’ve experienced by the police rascists attacks, harasssments, physical assaults by poice gangs, thefts,  amounting to rape- attacks at home, work, streets, often stop and search-who often refer one to the NHS for  unwarranted unrequired months of  ‘treatments’ as they cannot understand why we’re angry being treated badly and assaulted and attacked. There are many people who tell us the police are targeting them too. We are trained journalists- Gavin trained in freelance journalism and sam has a Masters degree from Edinburgh Napier in Journalism  and has worked at many nationals in  Scotland and England as a freelancer since an undergraduate at Glasgow and Aberdeen with a semester at Vienna.