The Works shop- Metro Centre Newcastle-Review: I bought+paid for some paint then falsely accused by staff of theft! Report to police stalking me 6+ months (because black Dr to prove his whiteness to them illegally disclosed my address to them after they + CRT/ canal + rivers trust evicted ne from my own boat +attacked abused me as raping me, brutality, then took me to Homerton hospital for further abuses), prev to that they after me the year before+attacked me see previous post+ bruises +cut clothes 2016-17 winter. Abusing my body! The prev. year 2015 Gavin’s nazi ‘mother’ sent false reports to them to attack abuse/question me in Hackney, London, with their secret squad car, not the usual white car,and in the dark evening, Re hy is know to bribe authorities/media+ the previous year 2015, the very same police kidnapped Gavin from our boat, recently the same Hackney police have bee in convicted of unlawfully killing a youth in a shop+these same Newcastle police who attacked a used me convicted of rape, Stephen Mitchell In 2011-SEE NEWS REPORTS PREV POST) even to my house, no food for two days, police brutalty+rip my clothes amounting to rape, then sent to hospital moth so far with unregistered medics, see other post reports to GMC +Investigatory Powers Tribunal at Secret Set ice investigating-pice+NHS atta ks brutality and since teens when bullied at school by people in left wing communist politics RCP/revlolutionarty communist party, youth movement, was called SCAM see other post on this site