Brahma Kumaris Child Abuse Cult-

Brahma Kumaris Child abuse cult- Stalkers 20+years-at OUR place AGAIN+ uninvited yesterday! -they have been told to keep away MANY TIMES+reported-T hey ought to be in jail-Keith Wall, and Helen- 270 penns lane Sutton Coldfield BK Centre-secret cult+acupuncture cover up abuses-making us sick-prey on us hospital also where rascist staff help them abuse us-harassment-all our friends met them hate them too-creeps+theives since age 14

Brahma Kumaris Child abuse cult- stalkers +harassments 20 yrs since 14-wrondoings with rascists state pigs/nhs state abusing us +helping them wrondoings phicical +mental abuse ‘random’ attacks attacks by pigs+nhs when we are travelling -UK_Brahma kumaris stalk to us hsptl+r house when we told them NO 50 times+report them to plc+news-papers-local, sutton coldfield observer August 2017.

*Brahma Kumaris Child Abusers- met them when 14-at sailing club-stalkng me nad family ever since and caind problems in our marriage,work also -rascists peedophiles- Centre Sutton Coldfield Birmingham- been reported-STILL hounding us-20+yrs! Despite being warned previosly MANY times-On our property this weekend – disgusting ppl exploiting us-bc they have wrecked their own marriage for THEIR priesthood in the cult-Lecherous-Keith Wall, Helen Wall-270 Penns Lane Sutton Coldfield-BK well documented abusers of children. Making us sick- Rascists nhs/pigs STATE abuses us-not to punish THEM for THEIR SECRETIVE Wrongdoings?!

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see link online to furhter reports of their child abuses :


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