Benson School Report-Review to Ofsted +Google reviews-racists staff/nazi education system-whites always given preference no matter how idiotic-since 5-then ask ME to ‘help’ THEIR dumbos-dont think so! (Same at univ+work+kerb crawler Nazi plc+nhs set on us/family-looking for THEIR cmas non-whites non chrstian targets as sacrifices..celtic ‘culture’-.not this time) As owe me PAY UP+staff peedos ought not to be exposing photos of pupils online in public. Don’t ask me to help+cause more trouble when these Nazis ppl end up dying-None of my nor MY families concern-deal with your own rascism!Round+round they go-they stuck! THEY can’t handle it-Know what I mean, SO up themselves, paying us might help U theiving scum.

benson6ubensonpgrndntitledbenson3photo Centre-looks like third world witchcaft – Benson-the plot thickens….staff dirty laundry-in front of unsuspecting children-‘can’t afford’ machine right…junkies usu-spend it on drugs

Nazi school teachers ,sabotaging our lives bc they don’t even know how or what to teach-you sdont know tht when youre 5 though-abusing me tbulies, treating since ageclass 1, bc friend moved schools new whilte girl 3 years behind everyone,pmrs jewks and nmr sergeant picking on me treating me badly to force me to chase her yrs ofhellish frienships bc of them,then later mr banfeils also, mr sergeant ahole throughout even class 11-rens food pork sausages eugh and talking about his heart attack ha ha serve him righ Nazi,whn 5 him and mrs jewks treating me badly in maths too, saying t was all wrong it was all fine, I top of class evn though they tried o get me to ‘help’ their white scum kids, treatthem better -usu they dumd -the NEED HELP!scum their girls whores tell me their probds chuck me,their guys treat ppl like crap for moneybc benson treating me like sht in maths thigthink that’s why ndidnt go to grammar school, bc they didntv teach us anything,total rascits too stupid to teach,then I passed grammar test, still no place then at univ birmlea refuse o pay on time, make r life hellish,other non whites students too-too long to get degress, then goodjobs racists teat u like cn o pay owed for yrs, steal what they can get their hands on ugh they not worth it-even MY  lovelyhusband gavin sent bto nhs 4 yrsand plce nhs targeting us racial profiling, and mcintyres and scot gov staff stealing from us our acc and money and from flat treaspass behing r back,enot their skaves nor robots, we s=dindt do anything, we happy emigrated jobs children etc-naziwhites uk miserable and stupid,use u for help bc non whites treatthem lke slaves or servants,though better educated then them evem!they do as I and MYhusband say bc we better than them,treat u like dirt bc whitle +lowlife scum,boss u around bc they white inferior don’t like to do as they toldbc we better thsan them not white they cnt handle it,gavin and I were driving past the school in r van maybe 4 yrs ao, and thought to pop in,on a weekend, door closed, fine we go, then whitle Nazi came out of caretakers house acting like we criminals or something-total scum, users exploiters begging 4 money +help, sya no they treat u like crap get u out bthe way hptl plvce lies take what they can get their filthy red hands on,we gort to leave thew uk,keeping us here unjustifiable wrondoings-even white girl at sec school little education compared to me treated her better since school tho she dumb and good job bc of me children etc-nazis treat me and mine like *****. then they only pretend to be ‘friends to use u and their whites treat u like crap once they had enough of u and your help-one time one ‘friend’ one of her bf died bc she whore scum rcp commie fran Watson, 16 on my 17 bday party’whereshe still treated me like crap-authorities stakers hell all these yrs bc of her + rcp commies scum Nazis beging 4 help, don comeafter me and mne bc YOURw ppl die bc of your own inferiority Nazi bully lowlifewscumtheives