‘Stop+Search’ Abuses-Border Patrols, Customs & ‘Terrorist’ laws + FOI


IIlegal Stop & search abuses attacks+thefts UK+EU+without suspicion+Customs-Destroying relationships & lives of non-white targets

FOI requests not receiving any straight answers from state ‘ ‘authorities’

We made omplaints to them due to their illegal serios attacks 08+09 nov- jan- 3 months no reason + proceeding to destroy our relationship marriage then+another 6m Scotland treatment auspices lies false accusations of nfa before discharge then surveilance our lives family marriage work since +5 years- despite telking us all clear health wise – and exploiting our lives education money and time for PR for them with Gavin back in the hospital Edinburgh since ’14 needlessly to get Sam after him and continue surveilance+artack/ incarcerate Sam also previous +4 times eg visits- also when we moved to London+ ongoing thefts including from our property+human rights abuses of our family life+ freedoms- seems only our white male ‘ freinds’ even allowed to speak with him not even his own wife taking any savings from is also + his ‘step- mother cruel rascist bully used as their informer.

Belfast incl thefts+abuses incl. removing clothes to beat you up in masks in cell (called Senard) also in shower – unwarranted+our complaint 2009 which they only wanted our time with.

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