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Blairquhan Castle Rainbow Publishing ‏ @blairquhanrpe 35m35 minutes ago More @TheScotsman @ScotTories Julia ToryPrRascist+health LIES-MYhsb- SHE crazysuicidalpara +Fergus rascists Bullies: RSornCastle Estate-built NO plan permsn: illegal ‘buy’ buildTheives-govt staff cover-up Julia property dev. Cadgogan Family+CrownholdPlc English Aristo Thefts of Scots Land-THEY to jail – owe us £! View Tweet activityRainbow Publishing @blairquhanrpe 布萊爾昆城堡彩虹出版社 RPE Studios, Sam+Gavin Khan-McIntyre, journalists +entrepeneurs-Books, art, films. We like our cat, champagne & rainbow cake http://kingandqueenofscotlandsorncastle Joined June 2018 31 Photos and videos & Tweets

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services-U.S. Food and Drug Administration-MedWatch Voluntary Report+Clozapine-bloods human rights abuses expoitation of unsafe drug+treatment LIES_racially motivated abuses-by NHS/PLCE+Macintyres-Sorn Castle Ayrshire+Hollrood Tory stsff PR-wealthy-paying bribes to nhs staff, plce+media -of My familly illegally-taking Blood-(+trespass breakins our home thefts by macintyres +plce_eg laptops valuables from studio-to cause disruption+ trauma+ileggal frauds thefts of our funds with illegsl unauthorised firm maclay murray spens + B-friend of Gavin’s Stepmother-Rechy murderer/assissted suis=cide of his father for his money as well as three latyer b-friends deaths since- attacking MY husbad and Myself abuses since our marriage -even though we emigrated- she used state plce and NHS-briing them for our return-bc millionares+rascist state employees attaking me also 20 yra- since targeted by RCP communists while at school+usu, attack ME aslo if visit Gavin or ‘lock me up’ targets attacks when they let Gavin out of hospital- destroying our marriasge/ happiness+attacks at work+thefts of studio equipment laptops, jeweelert valuables, + their abuse of our family+friends also-threats)10 yrs since our HAPPY marriage-wrok/friends….treatment’ +without permission