Thousands of cases of police brutality and misconduct Google search list! My husband and I targeted abused harassed locked up by these inc hackney police convicted and Northumbria police targets currently scual and racial harassments of our family life marriage property funds bodies even calls amounting to rape and torture, with THEIR NHS staff medical abusing US stalking me several times in last four yrs lockups with MY lovely husband constantly abused locked up currently by Northumv Brian police +THEIR nhs the same police team whose member Stephen Mitchell locked up in 2011 for rape they abusing my body! RPE you and pull the emery out of you some of these victims have children, thought qhe they were raping abusing brutalty three weeks since and still locked up! They said leacmce but rapi g me in hospital tests excuses and three vials of blood taken today, masons drink those in ceremonies! Then no leave staff bullying me and medics constantly treat me like a prostitute too with their Co stant demands for private meetings, don’t think so, had meeting had tests time for leave and home famy work NOW-wouldn’t want to run away for them to send their pi e for further abuses!

Foi: to sis/m15+gov. +investigatory powers tribunal Inv police +nhs! Uk’even been accused of terrorism by nazi UK police! Father was in intel signals war twoSorn Castle and estate +rechy +Charles de Eachwick hall-are these bribing police +nhs o hurt me+husband-OI to mI5+gov uk-why are police w their nhs stalking abusing tapes NG assaulting me racism target since teens, +MY lovely husband Gavin Khan Khan Mcintyre last 10yrs,we have jobs children etc to consider!Sorn Castle and estate +rechy +Charles Eachwick hall-are these bribing police +nhs o hurt me+husband’

Blairquhan Castle Rainbow Publishing ‏ @blairquhanrpe 35m35 minutes ago More @TheScotsman @ScotTories Julia ToryPrRascist+health LIES-MYhsb- SHE crazysuicidalpara +Fergus rascists Bullies: RSornCastle Estate-built NO plan permsn: illegal ‘buy’ buildTheives-govt staff cover-up Julia property dev. Cadgogan Family+CrownholdPlc English Aristo Thefts of Scots Land-THEY to jail – owe us £! View Tweet activityRainbow Publishing @blairquhanrpe 布萊爾昆城堡彩虹出版社 RPE Studios, Sam+Gavin Khan-McIntyre, journalists +entrepeneurs-Books, art, films. We like our cat, champagne & rainbow cake http://kingandqueenofscotlandsorncastle Joined June 2018 31 Photos and videos & Tweets

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services-U.S. Food and Drug Administration-MedWatch Voluntary Report+Clozapine-bloods human rights abuses expoitation of unsafe drug+treatment LIES_racially motivated abuses-by NHS/PLCE+Macintyres-Sorn Castle Ayrshire+Hollrood Tory stsff PR-wealthy-paying bribes to nhs staff, plce+media -of My familly illegally-taking Blood-(+trespass breakins our home thefts by macintyres +plce_eg laptops valuables from studio-to cause disruption+ trauma+ileggal frauds thefts of our funds with illegsl unauthorised firm maclay murray spens + B-friend of Gavin’s Stepmother-Rechy murderer/assissted suis=cide of his father for his money as well as three latyer b-friends deaths since- attacking MY husbad and Myself abuses since our marriage -even though we emigrated- she used state plce and NHS-briing them for our return-bc millionares+rascist state employees attaking me also 20 yra- since targeted by RCP communists while at school+usu, attack ME aslo if visit Gavin or ‘lock me up’ targets attacks when they let Gavin out of hospital- destroying our marriasge/ happiness+attacks at work+thefts of studio equipment laptops, jeweelert valuables, + their abuse of our family+friends also-threats)10 yrs since our HAPPY marriage-wrok/friends….treatment’ +without permission