Threats seize our boat accomodation-this week

Threats Seize our boat this week-accomodation+livelood- Canals Rivers Trust-One law for whiteppl other law for non-whites- CRT attacks two yrs HELL+other bosts moored longer than us +no licence+no threatsto THEM! -not waterways not property of CRT-WE OWN THEM-they also acting like our boat their property asking us NOT to move it this week-they are criminals-(no doubt this for the rascists macintyres-My husband STRIll in hospital and us not allowed contact- taking up our time and mony when he is well 3 yrs-exploiting our marriage and relationship with press- as we are journalisst-STATE propaganda health lies- 100s of reports in MEDIA


Makes it difficult to move bt with their attacks due to them caussing upset damage worry- emotional trauma-to us- also this affects boat and causes issues- delays moving boat due to their attacks and affects  our plans-we are not robots-we did all the ‘rights things’ paid licence fees and engine maintrnance-

They also refuse to get it fixed despite membership of River Canal Rescue- (a horrible crew)-but they are connected with Canal rivers Trust-so it seems not fixing engine – for CRT to thefts purposes-  their job not ours to fix it –  so they have no reason to attack us- thefts of our time and -money and emotional abuse two years – now our boat and accomodations? (we lasao asked a couple of private engineers- to no avail- bc they are rascist and Gavin can deal with them no probs-but state keeping him in hospitla NO REASON- to destroy our lives- we are not their property for them to abuse our bodies and minds since we were at school-Targets- UK HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES


s and G Khan – Mcintyre

prev story from bbc:_

The Canal and Rivers Trust is currently carrying out enforcement proceedings against 45 boat owners who have been refused further licences because of repeated failures to travel sufficiently. According to CRT, it is currently instructing solicitors to seek court orders to seize the boats in 15 cases. Two canal boats have already been removed from the water and destroyed.

CRT believes the education of children or the need to travel to work are not good enough reasons to allow a reduction in cruising distances.

Published CRT guidance to boaters specifically states: “Unacceptable reasons for staying longer than 14 days in a neighbourhood or locality are a need to stay within commuting distance of a place of work or of study (eg a school or college).”

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